The Internet Reacts To Brigitte, Overwatch's New Hero

Overwatch fans have totally fallen for Brigitte Lindholme, the game's latest hero. Fans have known about the character for a while. She was last seen in the November 2017 Overwatch short, "Honor and Glory", and fans were hoping she'd end up as the next hero. They're already making fanart, jokes, and realising they have been pronouncing her name wrong this whole time.

Brigitte Lindholme is a support character with a huge shield who can also heal, which has a ton of people already declaring that she's their new main.

Others just love the character in general. I mean, she's a badarse engineer - that's kind of dope.

Others can't stop drawing her. I'm pretty excited for the fanart, to be honest. Her eyeliner is so on point.

A lot of people, myself included have just discovered that it's pronounced Brig-geet-uh.

Still, some people are disappointed. They were holding out for a different hero entirely: Jetpack Cat.


    If you want my interest, show me a lady in full body armour. If you want my attention, make her an engineer too. I'm always a sucker for the engineer girl trope.

      There's a pretty decent chance that she'll have skin(s) with a helmet on, possibly even as a variant of the default skin ala Ana.

    This shouldn't be the sole reason for me taking up this "Overwatch" game, right?


      There's no shame in admitting you picked up a game for one character. Hell, it was the reveal of D.Va that sold me on the game in the first place.

      Looking forward to Brigitte. After they completely wrecked Mercy in the last patch, I've felt little desire to play at all.

        Great! I might take it up then!

        Seriously though, I play D3FNC and Reclaimer in The Division. This is the "why not both?" Old El Paso kid for me. Attached to a character that looks like that, I'm pretty much sold.

    Well clearly her Dad taught her workshop safety.

    Welding your own arm without eye protection and exposed skin... thats how you lose an arm or worse.

      Isn't that what all good daughters do, the exact opposite of what their dad tells them? :P

      I came here just to comment on that picture.
      Never mind the fact the UV light will be giving her eyes essentially sum burn. Google arc eye

    Introducing Brigitte, pronounced as "Bri-gee-ta"

    well i went from excited about the character to omfg why in about half a second. that was quick.

    ima keep saying it as bridget

      Apparently Germans pronounce it like Bri-gih-tuh, and the French pronounce it Bridge-eet.

    I do like in the way that people are saying she is an engineer, from experience and others peoples, and engineer doesn't know how to weld, god they don't even know what a spanner is. They are best left with paper and a pencil or CAD.

    Its actually more like "Bri-gi-teh", just like its written

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