Brigitte Builds The Ultimate Weapon In This Overwatch Fan Film

If you were a talented engineer on a mission to defeat Talon, what would you make? A sweet set of armour? A sick mechanical flail? Or maybe you'd just put some armour on your cat to create the ultimate weapon: JETPACK CAT.

Deerstalker Pictures are at it again, this time coming up with an amazing origin story for legendary Overwatch hero Jetpack Cat.

Spoilers: turns out it's like that thing where Darth Vader created C3-PO, except that Anakin is actually Brigitte and the whole thing doesn't ruin your childhood.

Melbourne cosplayer and eerie Brigitte Lindholme lookalike Astrokerrie Cosplay takes on the title role, alongside an adorable kitty who it turns out really doesn't like wearing armour.


    Pretty good, had to laugh when the shifter was making ratcheting sounds and the grinder sounded like a welder though.

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