Good Morning, Here’s 19 Minutes From State Of Decay 2

Good Morning, Here’s 19 Minutes From State Of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 was shown off to the public at PAX East for the first time. And, as you’d expect, someone was good enough to get some direct capture footage from the show floor.

A lot more info about State of Decay 2 is due to drop early next month. But until then, YouTuber GoodGameBro has around 19 minutes of co-op footage from the PAX floor. There’s some light commentary over the first minute, but after that it’s straight gameplay showing some of the missions, new looting mechanics, plague heart quests, and extra mechanics.

Some things that haven’t changed: juggernauts are still a pain in the arse to kill.

State of Decay 2 hits PC and Xbox One on May 22. A preview session was held in Sydney recently, but more about that won’t lift until early May.


  • Appears to be a lot more shooting than the first 1. You had to save your ammo and restrict fire arm use as it was loud and you would run out.

    • They are really going hard with their cross platform play between PC and Xbox. Looking forward to playing it with the missus as we both played the hell out of it. Plus if you buy from the Microsoft store you will get a copy that works on either PC or Xbox, not sure if it will sync progress between the two though.

  • Hopefully isnt delayed again cause of censorship like the first one, I really enjoyed the first one once it was finally released

    • It has already been giving an R by the classification board. They probably justed renamed the real world drugs as vitamins like they did the first one.

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