Labo, God Of War, And The King Of Wrong: This Week’s Game News Video Round Up

Dark Souls for Switch gets delayed, Billy Mitchell gets disqualified, Kratos's axe swings into stores, and Nintendo makes cardboard fun this week on Kotaku XP, our regularly scheduled video roundup of what the heck is going on with games and the people who play them.

If you click "play" on that video up there, you'll get to see my 2001 Mark Martin NASCAR shirt. This is one of my favourite shirts. I even see fit to mention it during one of the story segments on this week's show.

Man Breaks Into GameStop Wearing Plastic Bag On His Head

A man broke into a GameStop in St Marys, Georgia last week, having decided that the best way to disguise his features would be to try and cover his face in what's left of the plastic bag that packs of water bottles come in.

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In South Korea, Gamers Stage An Inquisition Against Feminists

On March 26, a top game development studio in Korea released an unusual statement about one of its employees. 'The woman was mistaken in retweeting a tweet with the word 'hannam,'' derogatory Korean slang for 'disgusting men'. It continued, 'In the aftermath of this incident, I promise that we will create preventative measures, including education, in a timely manner.'

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Battlefront 2's New Microtransactions Are An Improvement, But Unlocks Are Still Grindy

Star Wars Battlefront 2's latest update brings microtransactions back to the game, allowing players to spend premium currency on cosmetic outfits. It's an improvement over the ability granting loot boxes from early access but pricey skins add an unwelcome new grind to a game.

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Two Guys Making New Sega CD Jewel Cases Are In An Accidental War

To a collector of classic video games, there's no sight sadder than a shattered Sega jewel case.

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Billy Mitchell Releases Statement On His Disqualified Records

Controversial arcade game player Billy Mitchell released a statement today, responding to the recent disqualification of his records from both the Twin Galaxies leaderboards and Guinness World Records.

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" excerpt="Everybody's fantasised about owning jerks in games so hard that they drop off the face of the internet. It's an appealing idea, but Bully Hunters, a group that's trying to fight harassment by diving into games and killing harassers, has become an object lesson in why that idea works better as an idle fantasy."]

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