Yesterday's game: Lemmings! The little icon did come from the original game, not Lemmings 2, so I'm going to award yesterday to Tigerion. But props to everyone who was on the right path, especially skittlebrau who identified the exact character.

Good luck with today's game! And don't forget, if you want to draw something of your own, send it in and I'll feature it.


    Yes. Heavy Rain.

    Too slow Badge.

      For a minute there, I thought you were saying you needed a badge that said too slow.

      I am not smart

        I am now making myself a badge that says "Too Slow"

        It will get a lot of use.

          I need one that says "brain_to_mouth.exe has crashed"

    Wanted to say Heavy Rain, forgot my password :(

    To The Moon?

    Someone always beats me when I know it. lol Gotta be faster!

    Wanted to say Heavy Rain, but was out at lunch and couldn't log in fast enough :(

    SELECT 1
    FROM weather
    WHERE upper(weather.type) IN ('RAIN','DELUGE','PRECIPITATION')
    EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM magnitude WHERE mag_id = weather.mag_id and mag_name = 'Heavy')

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