The Roots, Ariana Grande Can Sure Make Music With Nintendo's Labo

We've already seen Nintendo's Labo play some serious music, but here's another example courtesy of The Roots, Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon.

Yeah yeah, it's a glorified commercial, but it's still impressive work regardless.

Please note that it has been ten years since Ravi Drums and Wii Music. We've all come a long way since then.

The Nintendo Labo Can Make Some Serious Music

Oh, you thought you were cute playing a little piano on the Nintendo Labo? Here's Japanese musician Geniway showing just how good the software's suite of music tools can be.

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Here's some behind the scenes footage:


      I think I lost of part of my sanity I can never regain.
      My gripe though is they are moving in time with the button presses they make but their movements aren't in time with the music.

        This is similar the trouble i had with guitar hero. I can play guitar, and so the button movements on the game peripheral felt very awkward and un-intuitive ????

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