What Are You Playing This Weekend?

With no plans to get engaged again, this weekend is probably going to be a little more settled for me. Probably with video games.

I haven't gone through and done any placements in Overwatch this week save one, so it'll be fun to see what fresh hell Brigitte has unleashed on the scene. Hanzo's refit looks like a bit of a nightmare as well, because the game absolutely needed more of him.

That Symmetra rework really can't come fast enough.

On the tabletop side, I'm looking forward to smashing out a bit more Fallout and Tokaido should the opportunity arise. Board games can be difficult to get going on a whim though, so we'll see how that goes.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Rise of the Tomb Raider, Overwatch and World of Warcraft on my list right now. Maybe I'll also jump in and play some ranked hearthstone to try get my free card back. Gotta get those 5 wins

    Been super busy last couple of weeks so finally some free time tonight to jump back into God Of War. Yay!

      Me too! Awesome game. Keeps kicking my ass though.
      Also for South Park on switch as a gift. Great fun.


      Same.. I just fluked a shot at the first Atlas I encountered and took off it's head.. SALVAGE TIME!

    just picked up wildlands for 20 bucks thanks to greemangaming so probably that

    but I do have to work both days so any gaming will be severely limited

    Got my hands on a LaserDisc player the other days.

    Might have a bit of a Tech Moan day and watch some movies on that.

    Not sure whether i missed a post earlier in the week but congratulations on your engagement Alex! Next step babies!

    Finishing off some Dragon Age: Origins backstories and romances before hopefully getting the plat and then treating myself to Leliana's Song as a reward.

    Maybe some Pathfinder with my daughter.

    Still grinding away on Dynasty Warriors Next. Glad I don't have to play Liu Shan anymore - he is basically a fencing-style fighter, using an epee. He is almost completely useless for (a) killing large mobs; (b) hitting anyone creeping up on him; or (c) facing multiple enemy officers at once.

      So, 95% of the core game play...

      I love DAO but it's creepy when you are having intimate boinking time with your love interest and the rest of the followers are standing around trying to not look awkward haha

    Well I just picked up Destiny 2 so assuming that installs in time probably that
    A bit of ticket to earth maybe

      True, I've just started playing Destiny 2 as well. I'm starting as a Titan, coz I hear that's better for solo, which is what I'm doing.

        I need to pick a class but not sure. Gut instinct is to go with hunter as that sounds like more my play style but not idea how that translates in game.
        Also cloaks

          One good thing about Destiny is you get 3 character slots so you can create 1 of each class and mess around with the different supers and play styles. The only negative is going through the missions and leveling up a character but you can skip cutscenes

          a lot of the cloaks looks like an oversize carpet... or a sleeping bag

          don't expect too much =p

        Vampire Void Warlock is pretty immortal.

        But yes. Titan is super good too! :)

    Yeah, we'll be playing Overwatch too :P

    "because the game absolutely needed more of him"
    LOL so true. He is my most hated nemesis.

    I think some Battletech and Far Cry 5 are on the cards for me! Feel like there are so many great games to play at the moment ????

    Final Fantasy 14 and splatoon.

    I'll be playing Rocket League on ps4, and Hyrule Warriors on Switch

    Picked up Destiny 2 for the first time in months and actually loving the grind again! So there's a little hope left for the big September update I guess.

    Thrones of Britannia, and an itch to slide back into FO3 (yeh, nostalgia for the scenery and haunting soundtrack).

    For me it's a case of Battletech and adding to my 3050 hours in Fallout 4

    More Breath of the Wild for me. Might also mop up a few side quests in AC Origins now I've finished the main quest.

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