What Would You Like Bethesda To Announce?

So Bethesda are busy trolling the internet with a livestream that is displaying literally bugger all. Of course, there'll be a reveal eventually - but what would you like to see?

Last time Bethesda pulled this stunt, we got Fallout 4. Whether it's actually a new Fallout is another matter. I'm guessing we're more likely to see a Switch port, probably Fallout 3 and maybe Fallout: New Vegas to go with it. But that's just a guess at this stage.

But let's throw the field wild open. Let's say it could be anything. For today's Big Question, what would you want Bethesda to announce?


    An obsidian made Fallout. It’s a long shot though. I’d settle for a west coast game.

    I’d be pretty disappointed if it’s an announcement for another fallout 4 port, that wouldn’t be deserving of the tease.

    Fallout 4 remade by Obsidian. From scratch. Pretending Fallout 4 didn't happen. And that I didn't spend 500 hours playing Fallout 4. ;)

    For real though: HD Remaster of Oblivion including all of its DLC. I've got 1000 hours in Skyrim, I just can't bring myself to finish it's remaster - but my body is ready for Oblivion.

      If anything needs a remaster it's Morrowind. Remove the random chance on weapon hits and fix the quest tracking. The world is too beautiful

    The Evil Within 3. I’ll do anything to make this happen


      As much as I would like a new Elder Scrolls or Fallout game. A completely new scifi RPG IP is what I really want.

        Cyberpunk is coming "SOON"

          Yeah I know but Cyberpunk (and the theme) doesn't really interest me. I want scifi with aliens and exploring a new planet.

      I want Starfield but i don't want Starfield in my Fallout lore, There is no reason to do this.

        Well, the question was what we want, not what we expect, so I'm coming at it from that perspective. I'd also be just fine with a Fallout title, I loved 4 (I know you didn't, I've seen the downvotes elsewhere, lol) and FNV and want more in that universe.

          Ha ha, I'm actually coming around to the positive side of this announcement now, It could be a good Fallout rpg like New Vegas was. The downvotes make sense lol

          I actually loved Fallout 3, I won't be able to articulate why i like it as much as i can why it angered me ha ha, I didn't like it's tone, The old Fallouts were worldly, Set in America but not about Americana, I have autism, The first thing i noticed upon leaving Vault 101 was a Soviet communist Sputnik satellite (Eyebot) Spewing fourth American propaganda, Bethesda's Fallout's got the tone wrong, Fallout 4 took it even further away from where it began, But i also think Fallout 4 wasn't just a bad Fallout & Rpg but a bad Bethesda game, I like Nuka World, I'm currently playing through Nuka World, I never stop playing Fallout, I just wasn't having much fun, It's hard 4 me to adapt to changes, Nuka World is like a big excuse for sidequest & that is awesome, At the Nuka World transit station carpark, There's all these remnants of road rage that turned into a gun battle, That's pretty damn Fallout lol

    A new Fallout. Obsidian have already said it's not them. As long as it's not multiplayer/battle royale or anything that contains loot boxes. What I'd really love is a brand new engine being shown off too and the announcement that mods on PS4 will finally be unrestricted. I don't want a New Vegas 2 or a Fallout 3 ten years later type game, there's so much that can be done with the Fallout world that revisiting an area would seem a step backwards to me

    I feel like a Fallout 3/New Vegas remaster would be shown as part of their conference at E3 rather than being teased like this in the same way they announced the Skyrim remaster

      They have a new animation system but it won't be in the next "big" game, The tech Isn't where they want it to be for new Elderscrolls ,A new game by Arkane studios, A remaster of 3? I'm thinking Fallout online.

      Last edited 30/05/18 4:00 pm

      I think there's room to head to some of the Fallout 1 locations in 3D. The work they put into 4 for verticality would transfer well to the Boneyard. My money is on New York though.

    It will definitely be Fallout related. So either a Fallout 1, 2, 3 or New Vegas remaster, or a Switch port of Fallout 4, or Fallout 4 VR for PSVR, Fallout 5, or Fallout Online.

    Being the 10 year anniversary of Fallout 3, it's likely a remaster of Fallout 3.

    I would like Bethesda to announce that they are no longer going to develop games, they will only publish them. All their existing properties will be licensed to competent studios that won't release an unfinished, buggy mess of a game.

    Can I be a real snark and say, "Bug fixes"


      I was gonna go full snark and suggest they announce that they're closing up shop.

    A new combat system Melee combos so it feels more fulfilling.

    I'd love a Doom 2. Not necessarily because I'd play it, but for the chance that it might be another Mick Gordon soundtrack.

    I'm calling it Fallout Battle Royal......I'll see myself out.

    Definitely want new IP
    But expecting F3 anniversary/switch versions.
    Will lose my collective sh........if it's a Fallout MMO

    Just give us Fallout 5 made in the Unreal engine :P

    And not crap...

    A new Fallout on all consoles AND full remakes of Fallout and Fallout 2.

    What I want is a new regular Fallout game that does something interesting with the setting/lore. Like having the game set 500 years in the future and the Wasteland has begun to recover so there are forests and stuff.

    What I expect is a remaster of an old Fallout or a new mobile game.

    Skyrim re-re master

    I would like Doom 2 but it'll most likely be more Fallout 4 expansions.

    Remasters of Morrowind and/or Oblivion, Fallout4 VR for PS4.

    A new Elder Scrolls game would be great, but more VR content please.

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