A Handy Bargain On Warhammer 2: Vermintide

If you've been holding out on one of the best co-op games since Left 4 Dead, you can grab a 33% discount on the rat-slaying Warhammer 2: Vermintide right now.

FatShark's co-op slayer adventure in the End Times is available through Chrono.gg right now for $26.44 ($US20), a 33% discount from the usual price and almost $15 bucks cheaper than what it'll cost you through Steam.

If you've missed the game altogether, it's a sequel to the original Verminitide, where four players work their way through giant levels while battling back swarms of Skaven, Chaos, undead, and other monsters.

Vermintide 2 Is The Best Four-Player Co-op Since Left 4 Dead

Despite having played literally thousands of video games in my life, I had not played Warhammer. Vermintide, so I was unprepared for how sweet its sequel is. In a way, my lack of preparation is appropriate to the theme of Warhammer. Vermintide 2, in which a rodentine horde of rat men called the Skaven pop out of their hiding holes to wreak toothy, clawsy havoc on a medieval city that, frankly, has way too much other stuff to be dealing with right now.

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To check out the deal, head here.

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    Uhhh this deal ended 5 hours before this was posted LOL

    It's hellblade senua now

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