Bungie Says You Won't Have To Leave Year-One Destiny 2 Weapons Behind

Sure, everyone's worried about Cayde. But what Destiny 2 players have really been worried about lately is that, come September's Forsaken expansion, we're going to have to say goodbye to all our hard-earned gear.

Fortunately, today the expansion's director told PC Gamer that won't be the case.

Stay with me forever, sweet Midnight Coup

In Destiny 2, you spend a lot of time chasing and accumulating ever-rarer guns and armour. The loot is a big part of what keeps people playing.

Back in 2015, the first Destiny got a much needed overhaul with The Taken King expansion. It came at a cost, though - all of the legendary-tier guns and armour players had earned in the first year was "left behind" for year two. Goodbye, Fatebringer. See you later, Vision of Confluence.

It was understandable that Destiny 2 players might fear the same thing would happen this time around, particularly as many of us are only now beginning to grind for top-tier legendary weapons such as the ones you can get from completing the Warmind expansion's difficult Escalation Protocol events.

When Forsaken launches in September, will all that stuff become obsolete? Will we have to start all over?

"You'll be able to bring your Year One stuff forward with you, if you own Forsaken you'll be able to bring it up to the same [level]," Forsaken director Steve Cotton told PC Gamer in an interview today at E3 in Los Angeles.

Project lead Scott Taylor got more specific in the same interview: "We are very comfortable saying that if you're working on faction rallies right now, or the things that are coming in the summer [winter in Australia], that will still be totally worth it because you'll be able to bring that stuff into the new content."

There's perhaps still a slightly niggling lack of specifics there, but in general that all sounds pretty solid. I've still never even gotten past the second round of Escalation Protocol, but I do kinda want a couple of those EP guns. Good to know that chasing them won't be for naught.


    What year one gear?

      everything from launch up to and including the warmind DLC

        Isn't the entire point to get rid of all your weapons because you found a new weapon that was 1 damage point higher?

          That's not really how Destiny works.

          Generally most players will have a bunch of guns, at least 30 but usually a lot more. They pick the ones they want for different situations, ie. Touch of Malice is really good on the King's Fall raid, but not very good anywhere else.

          Players will want the highest light level possible, but generally they will sacrifice weapons they find to make the guns they use stronger, unless it's a weapon they're searching for anyway.

          Last edited 13/06/18 7:29 pm

          you can infuse gear to the higher damage/defence point or in the case of destiny power, infusion itself didn't become a part of the first Destiny till year 2 started and it has continued on into the squeal as a important game mechanic in maintaining your favourite load outs. While at the same time allowing you to infuse gear that may have been given a buff, up to max power so you can use it if you so wish.

            I think I tried that and it was so restrictive.

              It was very complicated at the start, but it's really easy now for both games:

              You have the gun you want to keep, but it's less powerful
              You have the gun you don't want, but more powerful

              You sacrifice the more powerful one and it makes the one you want at the same power as the sacrificed one.

    Ofcourse O don't have to worry about destiny2's year one weapons leaving me behind. Mostly because I left destiny 2 behind a year ago.

    Simple solution, leave the entire game behind lol

    I don't know why people were worried about this, infusion has become a mechanic of the game and I don't see why a new expansion would affect your ability to infuse your old gear. I know it is on a much larger scale when compared to Curse of Osiris and Warmind but they didn't change this mechanic so why would Forsaken.

      so why would Forsaken

      So far Destiny 2 has followed a very similar path to Destiny 1. With that in mind, at the same point of Destiny 1's lifespan, the big change meant leaving what you'd built your game around behind.

      That's the fear, and why people are worried that Forsaken could do the same - they're seeing it as potentially a Taken King type reset. Add in that its being referred to as Year 2, which also implies a reset like seasons do in other games, and there are some grounds to why people think it.

      Infusion was there on day 1 this time though, so like you I don't see how it being likely, but if they want a season type effect around it being Year 2, something could still happen to upset players. I wouldn't put it past Bungie to sneak in something.

      Because it's happened before, in Destiny 1 around the same time as when a similar expansion came out. All the original guns and armour couldn't be infused up to the highest light level. Run the original Crota's End now and the loot you get isn't powerful enough and can't be infused to your current light level.

    Wow some of these comments. Why do people still click an article to bash it with the same "leave this game behind" "people still play this lol?" mentality.

    Man read the hands on people have had at E3 regarding the new loadouts, Gambit etc.
    Sure it falls back to the argument that "should have been in d2 in the first place"
    But I for one am glad they're taking steps to make the game better.

    I guess people were worried because with House of Wolves you had infusion with Etheric light. But when Taken dropped you couldn't bump it up a year. So I guess people were worried that there would be a similar system to prevent gear coming across. I'm glad it's been confirmed, I don't think anything could replace the EP shotgun at the moment.

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