New Leak Suggests That Fortnite Is Coming To Switch

New Leak Suggests That Fortnite Is Coming To Switch

The leaked documentImage: Anonymous (4chan)

Fortnite is coming to Switch, according to a leaked E3 document that we believe is real and sources speaking to Kotaku. It’s not clear whether this apparent port will include Fortnite’s free Battle Royale mode, its players-vs-zombies Save The World mode, or both.

The document, posted on 4chan this afternoon by someone who said it was part of E3 showroom display planning (and discovered by Twitter user AAMARMO), features marketing materials for Fortnite, Paladins, Dragon Ball FighterZ, FIFA, the previously announced Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, and unannounced games Killer Queen Black and Overcooked 2.

Although it’s safe to be sceptical of 4chan leaks, we have a few reasons to believe that this one is legitimate. For one, we’ve heard separately from a person familiar with upcoming Switch games that Dragon Ball FighterZ was planned for the system. The Twitter account for Killer Queen, an indie arcade strategy game released in 2013, has also changed all of its images to black.

A source familiar with Epic Games’ plans, speaking anonymously to protect their career, also told Kotaku earlier this week that Fortnite would be coming to Switch. Epic Games did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The survival shooter Fortnite, which has exploded in popularity since its release last September, is already on PC, Xbox, PS4 and iOS. There are plans to bring it to Android soon, too.

Months ago, an ad for a job at Iron Galaxy Studios mentioned Fortnite on the Switch, sparking rumours of an upcoming port. The ad has since been edited and, although Epic declined to give Kotaku comment at the time, Iron Galaxy tweeted that “The post was poorly worded, we did some work on the mobile version of Fortnite.”


    • Yeah, they got it running reasonably well on mobile, this was pretty much always going to happen after that. The real important part will be network capability and whether it will adverse effect on community features.

  • Starlink is that game with physical space ships and stuff yeah? My nephews went nuts for that first reveal. Also, that Killer Queen Black symbol looks like Ripley from Samus to me…

    • Couldn’t agree more; its world is entirely charmless, character designs generic, and the actual gameplay is long stretches of nothing interspersed with very janky gunplay. I suspect it wouldn’t be at all popular if it wasn’t F2P.

      • If not for the last sentence, you could have also been describing PUBG there.

  • I like how Blizzard are dragging their feet on bringing Overwatch to Switch so much that Paladins is filling the gap instead.

    • I know! I would have jumped on OW on Switch in a heartbeat, but Paladins will suit my needs. You snooze, you lose, Jeff!

  • I hope the PVE goes over, i got back into that recently and was surprised at the amount of attention it is still getting

  • Say what you will about Fornite (and the other games) but this is nothing but good news for Nintendo if it ends up being legit.

  • If you guys don’t believe me Fortnite was on A Current Affair 3 months ago as a warning to young children playing violent video games like Epic Games Fornite. Now Fortnite Battle Royale should definitely come to the Nintendo Switch for me because I would definitely like to see Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon appear in Nintendo and Epic Games Fortnite. 11 year old children should not be playing Fortnite for goodness sake until they grow up to become teens I mean I never played Fortnite but I definitely want Epic Games to bring Fortnite Battle Royale to the Nintendo Switch. so I can feel what’s it’s like battling against each other.

  • I’m super excited about all this, since I’ve been holding off playing all these games, but I’m most excited for DBFZ! Freakin awesome. Glad the 2019 lineup is looking better than the middling start of this year. 🙂

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