Fortnite Going Back To The Jungle, Optimus Prime Coming Too For Some Reason

Fortnite Going Back To The Jungle, Optimus Prime Coming Too For Some Reason

Fortnite has got to be the leakiest boat in all of video games (and apologies for the deep fried hero pic on this piece. We’ll  get into what that’s about in a moment).

A new leak for Epic’s world-beating battle royale seems to have solidified an enduring rumour that the game would return to a jungle setting for its next content season and that a Transformers event could be on the way.

The leak comes from Fortnite leakers Guille_GAG and ShiinaBR, and was then picked up by leaker HypeX, who has a long, unbroken run of spilling the beans on what Epic is planning for the game.

Part of the leak stems from a blurry loading screen that shows one of the likely Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 skins charging into battle alongside Optimus Prime. This is exactly the kind of asset that dataminers haul out of Fortnite all the time. Epic is known for patching upcoming content, in various stages of completion, into the game as it goes and keeping those assets hidden until it is ready to unveil them.

The Optimus Prime skin, HypeX believes, is set to be included in the seasonal Battle Pass. Fortnite has done this kind of thing before, locking a highly desirable tie-in skin behind the final Battle Pass tier. Previous final-tier skins have included Spider-Man, Darth Vader, and Iron Man. The Transformers skin fits neatly into this mould — Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is out next month, and Epic loves a movie release tie-in skin. From the screenshot, the skin appears to be based somewhat on the Mecha Team Leader skin, an homage to the Power Rangers/Voltron style of giant-robot-made-of-other-robots.

HypeX then goes deeper, introducing multiple new mechanics and items allegedly arriving in the new season.

Among the alleged updates, helicopters are getting a new Launcher, and a Lever Pistol that appears in the leaked loading screen will also be added to the weapon pool. An in-development Epic/Legendary tier bolt action sniper rifle has been found among the files. Additionally, a Mythic-tier drum shotgun has been found among the files that will almost certainly be nerfed into oblivion by a patch several weeks after the season’s debut, as is tradition.

But I know you want more!

HypeX also says they believe ridable raptors are making an appearance, a new racing mode and supercar in addition to the new jungle setting.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 concludes on June 9th, so it won’t be long before we know if any of this is true (though once HypeX gets involved, it usually is).

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