PS4 Fortnite Accounts Are Blocked On The Nintendo Switch

Fortnite players who had an Epic account on PS4 and have tried to play the new Nintendo Switch version of the game are reporting that they have run into a problem: they're not allowed to use the same account.

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Fortnite is (finally) on the Nintendo Switch. Starting from 0300 AEST, you have a whole new way to get in trouble for playing it in class.

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That's right, if you have played the game on PlayStation 4 - even just once - that's enough to have got your account locked to that system. It goes the other way too; if you link your Epic account on Switch, you're locked out on the PlayStation 4.

This is justifiably infuriating for people who have picked up the new Switch version, since they may well have been hoping to play on PS4 while at home but move onto Switch while out and about. Or expecting that a game that's able to jump between PC, Mac, mobile and Xbox One would do likewise with this latest edition.

Of course it doesn't stop you playing the game, just using your existing account, but since progress is so important in the game, that's still a big deal.

As maddening as it is, it's nothing new for Sony, Epic and Fortnite. The PS4 has taken a lot of flak from everyone, from fans right up to Microsoft executives, for not allowing crossplay between it and the Xbox One, even when its clearly technically possible.

And while this is the latest example of a crossplay roadblock, it's worth remembering that the same restrictions have been in effect between the Xbox One and PS4 versions for a while. Crossplay between the PS4 and PC/mobile, however, is deemed by Sony to be just fine.


    To be honest, as crossplay between PS4 and Xbox was already not allowed, I assumed the same would be true for Fortnite.

      Yeah it was expected, but it's interesting that you can game at home on your xbone or pc, then maintain your progress portably on the switch.

      MS basically has a handheld advantage over Sony this way. And with them being the odd one out the pressure will mount.

        That's what you get, Sony, for running a succesful multimillion dollar console enterprise! Eat shit and die!

    I think Epic should allow users to create a new account and link it to their PS4 locked account to give Sony a big up yours to blocking progression and openn usability. Its a free game FFS, why the hardline ban on crossplay.

    I understand the whole no crossplay thing, but instead of Epic allowing you to disconnect/delete your ps4 stuff on your account, the have just made it so the account won't work.
    I played on the ps4 for one afternoon, and that's it.
    I've played more on my PC.
    I don't want to make another account, I just want to use the account I already have, give us the option to purge the ps4 stuff from our accounts.

    I can understand why Sony is doing this from a commercial perspective. I wouldn't allow it either if I was in charge.

    That said, it's unfair to disable switch players from hopping aboard because they're 'locked' to PS4 without any prior warning.

    It’s actually pretty funny, people on the /fortniteBR reddit are losing their shit throwing around the #fucksony hashtag all morning.

    I think it’s laughable how much questionable shit Sony get away with as well and nobody really bats an eye,

    Microsoft say always online and people lose their minds.

    - charge people for avatars on PSN
    - no full crossplay for minecraft, rocket league or fortnite?
    - advertise 4K console even though almost all the games are upscaled /etc. and not true 4K

    Are they really “for the players” at this point?

    I can understand sony not allowing cross play between multiplayer games. I cannot however understand them blocking people from accessing a 3rd party account on a different platform.

    It would be like Blizzard blocking me from playing WoW on a windows PC because i previously played on OSX.

    Absolute lunacy Sony. Fix your shit.

    When Microsoft was king with the 360 Sony asked for crossplay. MS said no. Now the roles are reversed. Yeah it sucks but it's not a new thing.

      Its not really the same situation though.

      We're not talking about playing with people on other platforms, we are talking about locking down a user account that is controlled by the developer/publisher.

      Want to use the Far Cry 5 arcade tools on PC? Sorry, you need a brand new account because you played the Division on PS4 and therefore your account is locked down to that platform.

      Its essentially the same thing, its just I don't think Sony are that stupid to do that to Uplay or EA accounts. They think they can get away with it because its just one game

      What does this solve other than pissing off a lot of people?

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