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    This virus refuses to shift. I'll feel okay for a couple of days and then feel like absolute crap the next. Rinse and repeat.

      I had this (and passed it onto Tegan). Lot more brutal this year than last, at least for us.

        I haven't passed it onto anyone else, thank goodness, but I really want to be able to do things again.

        Oh well, i get to play lots of FF14

        Hey Alex, Where is the best place to watch the E3 conferences?

    So I have to get my passport renewed quick fast. YAY quick run to the passport office (and finding a printer, getting new photos, so on and so forth).

    I never need a printer at home - until I *really* need it, then you miss it like all hell.

      I never need a printer at home - until I *really* need it, then you miss it like all hell.

      If I may go on a side topic and share this.

      As crazy as this sounds, it is that same infrequency that lead me to buying a laser printer last year.

      Crazy and pricy I know. But here's where things go absolutely nuts.

      I've used it a few times and *still* have not needed to get a new toner for it yet.

      My previous ink jet? If the firmware didn't lie to me about the ink in the tank or the page count, the ink would dry out anyway meaning when I did need it, I had to try and clean and even replace the cartridge.

      Really shows the crazy day and age we live in when a laser printer is now miles cheaper than an ink jet!

        I'm having the ink problem with my inkjet as well. As I print so rarely every time I do it requires a head clean because one or several nozzles are blocked.
        I have a laser as well still on the original cartridge that just works every time you sporadically need it.

          You might know this already but incase you don't there is even a trick to prolong the use of the toner cartridge.

          If you see faded or blank bands on your print out, remove the toner and lightly tilt it back and forth like a see-saw.

          This redistributes the powder inside and should improve the quality of the print out.

          If not, then the toner needs replacement.

            Now that you mention it, I have heard it before but completely forgotten about it. Thanks, I'll give it a go.

    So, Roseanne got the boot. Looking at some of her previous comments I'm surprised flags weren't raised earlier.

      It's actually insane how popular that program was. Something like 8% of all US households were watching the Roseanne reboot. Even the NBA playoffs was only reaching 5-6% depending on the game.

      So selfish of Barr; I can't help but think of all the crew, the other actors who just got another break after not having anything for 20 years. (Not Goodman etc. obviously.)

        Tom Arnold was apparently banned from ABC way back when for calling her out. Though it does show how much money, comes before morals.
        After the Weinstein saga, GDPR, etc, and now this, maybe just maybe were slowly entering the age of accountability.

          Yup. Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from people wanting nothing to do with you because you spew racist crap and batshit conspiracies on Twitter.

            Even as someone who believes the age of public group think censoring people is upon us and the mob also deciding who gets freedom of speech; there must still be a line in what I people should be allowed to get away with saying and she definitely crossed it.

            Does it mean freedom to disagree with a journalist on Kotaku? Because I've done this twice and my comments were deleted.

            Last edited 13/06/18 11:25 am

              Always. I just ask that you do so respectfully, not dropping c-bombs if possible and avoiding name calling and other general trash.

              As an aside, and this is to everyone: there have been some good comments and disagreement that I've trashed because there's been some over the top swearing or stuff that's obviously too far in one sentence, and I'd rather bin the whole comment than go around editing what people say.

              And as before, if people reach out to me directly I'm happy to chat and talk through stuff.

      Americans are all for defending the right to free speech, provided that your opinion aligns with their own.

        Both sides are just as bad as the other, watching hardcore right wing people call left wing people snowflakes and then lose their shit because a comedian takes the piss out of trump is tasty as fuck.

    Don't know if this work being covered by @alexwalker or the other staff here so I'm sharing here.

    As some may remember, the 10% GST threshold is due to be removed this year on July 1st.

    Many have wondered what Amazon will do.

    Thanks to an email I've received from them, I now know.

    While we regret any inconvenience this may cause, from 1 July we will be redirecting Australian customers from our international Amazon sites to where you can shop for products sold by Amazon US on the new Amazon Global Store, available today.

    So there you have it, folks. Rather than use their own infrastructure to simply collect and pass on the GST to our government, they are going the route of a geo-block.

    Sorry, Amazon. That is not how the open, global market works.

      Well with that change, Australia lost access to the open, global market. It's not Amazon's fault that the idiot Au government bowed to the whining of Gerry Harvey and decided to implement measures to lock down all international purchasing.

        It's not even Harvey. Despite lobbying from retail groups, nothing was going to shift.

        But then Josh Frydenberg though he'd make a name for himself by pushing that idea as an easy means to score credit for reducing our debt.

        He only went unopposed in the Coalition because they didn't want to be seen as fighting with themselves at the time.

        Personally, I would have preferred them being seen as such rather than run with a change even they know won't work.

          Back when I lived in Australia I was in Frydenberg's electorate. Sadly one of the safest in the country. Smarmy shit. :(

        It's not Amazon's fault the government has stepped in but it IS there faulty in how they have decided to implement the changes. They are totally capable of working with local tax laws while still selling goods internationally - this change from the government just seems like a convenient excuse for them to force Australians onto the crappy AU store. Ebay and others are not doing this, this is purely an Amazon thing.

    Okay, I understand it's sponsored content, but I'm honestly getting sick of seeing the "cosplay selfie tips" stuff continually pop up on the site. It's been appearing for *weeks* now. I don't cosplay and I don't really care about it but I think even people that do would be getting sick of seeing these pop up every day. Can you please replace them with something else?

      I'll pass the feedback along (seriously: we read just about everything, and we do).

      Ideally, there'll be more content in there so you don't have that problem of seeing the same thing over and over. At least it's not Mirage Sessions #FE!

    OK: it's Computex week.

    If you have any requests or there's a particular bit of tech you'd like me to check out, let me know and I'll do my best to head over to it. I'm not in town for the full week - flying back Wednesday - but I should be able to check out anything you're interested in.

    So... yeah apparently online gaming is a bandwidth hog now.

    Last edited 04/06/18 6:24 pm

    So I 'finished' destiny 2 last night
    So now I can get down the the grindy parts without worry about the story. Although I did enjoy playing through that, even if I stopped now I have gotten my monies worth.
    Although I got it as part of the humble monthly so it was only $15 or so. Although one of my bloody friends says today she wish she had been able to get that pack just for Destiny. Next time tell me before it is unavailable.

    Played through with a warlock and just unlocked the 3rd subclass. I like the storm caller class but need to use it outside the try this out section. Seems more suited to stopping swarms than bosses but will see.
    Think I ended up at around 200 power level, but can now look into increasing that now. Also got me first Engram so will be able to open that next time I play. Exciting times.

    I kinda get why some people are complaining about the game but I think coming in fresh it is good. Not having played Destiny 1 at all likely helps with burnout and repetitiveness of it.

    I normally use the web browser version of kotaku with ad blockers and tonight I went to reply to a comment and thought I would type it as it's easier. I just used edge as I already had logged in previously and saved credentials. Easier than using FF and trying to remember.

    Sweet baby Jesus the ads. Especially that top banned ad that flickers up the top. Try to go to the my account and then the top drop down for featured articles covers it.

    Let's just say I think I will be sticking to ad blocked Samsung browser for now.

      As before - ping me or Hayley/Amanda/Tegan etc. directly with this stuff.

      In the past feedback has resulted us killing ads because they weren't working as intended and it was cocking up the experience for everyone. Other times we've made sure they've gotten better or at least behaved the way we should.

      We read the feedback, all of it, and bug people until it gets fixed.

        Well since you ask a minor niggle on the hereditary horizontal banner
        I'm finding that if you are scrolled down in the content and you click the main logo to return home it detects the click as a click on the banner that is underneath the nav bar.
        Not always but has happened to me multiple times

          It's a hijack when you click the kotaku logo, it'll try to you to that movie place.

        I rarely come here any more, because the site takes so very, very long for all the ads to load, and then the page keeps shifting as they do, so I try to click on an article, but end up at a Samsung ad instead. This happens *all the time*. No other site takes longer to load than Kotaku, or keeps shifting around like crazy while doing so.

    Good news everyone: Steam is going to allow pretty much any game that breaks no laws and is not deemed "trolling".

    That means at long last, all those sex games you've been complaining about but secretly have been entering your library are at long last welcome and safe.

    Apparently my hyperlink deleted the first paragraph and made the second paragraph the link so I dunno what's going on here maybe I fixed it now

    Last edited 07/06/18 9:34 am

      Polygon, unsurprisingly, has one of the hottest takes I've seen so far.
      What are the odds the US article/s are going to be in the same vein as "this decision is bad"?

        There's a definite case to be made that Steam should take ownership of what goes on their store, rather than asking the community to do their work for them.

          I cn admit there may have been a bit of a difference between what I thought was going on (opposition to sex based games) and what is going on, at least here on kotaku (opposition to poorly made cheap cash grabs)

            Nobody wants to filter through pages of asset flips. I have to do it every Monday when I'm building This Week In Games.

            Greenlight used to keep a lot of that garbage out. Some filtered through, but it's miles worse now.

    After some comments. Especially surrounding the game inquistor matyr.
    Hands up 40k fans or players. Or people on kotatuku you know.

    @alexwalker I threw this in the contact form for the site, but who knows if that even works. Kotaku doesn't seem to have an article yet on the Red Shell story:

    Short version: Red Shell is a data collection library installed in a number of video games that gathers potentially any data on your system and sends it back to the developer/publisher, without your consent. Some companies have pledged to remove it from their games, but for now at least it's still present in every Total War game, Kerbal Space Program, Civ 6 and others.

      I saw this late last night, but haven't been able to chase it up one iota or verify any of it myself - the E3 stuff has just kept me completely snowed under. I'm keeping an eye on it, though.

        Yeah, I figured E3 would be dominating your time right now. Just thought I'd mention it in case you wanted to get it before the US guys do. Your version would be better than theirs.

    Any one heard of some data breach involving PageUp HR software?

    I have this annoying thought that Cyberpunk 2077 is on its way to the RC station.

      Why do you think that?

        Mainly it is that it's a mature game for mature audiences line that got me. Drug pushers are a semi-prominent NPC in 2020 and I have seen that taking drugs for game play benefits has been frowned upon. I'm not 100% around it the rulings off the top of my head, but my impression is that 2077 will be GTA and a bit extra without the occasional tongue in cheek tones.

        Reasonably I want this to be R, it looks like it's catered to an R rating and I want to play it after my children go to bed.

          Was having that discussion last night and also the likelyhood of TLOU2 being RC'd
          The basis is
          The finisher on the kneeling, no longer aggressive enemy is a good example of that. Not sure if you can hit dead enemies but would be surprised. Which was the issue for the syndicate fps
          I just look at that and think that it'd easily be an R18+ movie, so the interactivity is going to be what possibly pushes it past that.

            To be fair, Syndicate came out in 2012 - the R18+ rating didn't come into effect until 2013, iirc.

              Really, I had it down as one of the first RC under the 18+ in my head


      If it's not the full nudity they were apparently showing or the violence, it'll be for drug use. There's no way in hell it gets released in Australia unless content gets censored.

    Hi, TAY.
    Picked up Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection on Xbox, and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle on PC, and I've been dividing my time between them pretty evenly.
    I also watched "Making Fun: The Story of Funko on Netflix, and it was really enjoyable to watch.
    I still have to finish work on my Bakugou cosplay for PAX Aus, since there's only 18 weeks left, but who's counting? :P

    I also have to lose weight and get my body in shape, too.

      The last paragraph is the eternal struggle. After years of binge eating crap my overactive thyroid gave up the war during a trip to Fiji about twelve months ago. I have been going to the gym pretty much every day for the last six months.

      Still eat junk though.

    OK, PAX is starting to settle down a fraction (at least for those of us left home).

    Now, let's get back to the games: Jurassic Park Evolution.

    I've got a code and I'll be trying to spend time with it over the next week. Any questions? Ping me here.

      The main thing I want to know is how close to Operation Genesis it is

    Surprised to see no story about the abysmal job that retailers are doing with the Fo76 pre-orders. A quick look at the FO76 forums would fill a lot of that story for you guys

    Been watching this year's Le Mans 24 Hours since 11pm last night when it started...

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