Amazon’s Mega-Cheap Nintendo Switch Deal Is Returning Today UPDATE: It’s Gone

Amazon’s Mega-Cheap Nintendo Switch Deal Is Returning Today UPDATE: It’s Gone

If you missed out on Amazon’s $315 Nintendo Switch deal yesterday, we have some good news: Amazon just confirmed that the same Switch deal will be running today too. Here’s how to bag one!

” excerpt=”Amazon Prime Day is here! What is Amazon Prime Day, you ask? It’s a day full of deals from our favourite online mega-retail, rewarding their loyal subscribers with a day and a half of deals. and now Australians can get in on the action. And don’t worry. even if you aren’t subscribed to Amazon Prime you can still pick up these deals.”]

Here’s the official confirmation from Amazon:

Nintendo Switch was snapped up by customers in under a minute yesterday. Responding to the overwhelming customer demand, a new Nintendo Switch Lightning Deal will go live later today, allowing more members to access the great deal.

To get your $315 Switch console, you will need to sign up to Amazon Prime – which is currently offering a free 30-day trial.

Once your Amazon Prime membership has been activated, simply head to Amazon Prime Day’s video games page and keep a close eye on the Spotlight and Lightning Deals. When the Switch appears you will need to move very fast.

We’ve asked Amazon Australia to provide a rough ETA on when the Switch will be appearing. We’ll let you know if we hear back!


  • Wow. I watched this one:

    Deal available in…
    Clicked, ‘add to cart’ (you have 14min:58sec to check out!)

    Deal 83% claimed

  • Missed out yesterday, but today I was ready! Bought t the switch & 200gb memory card! Now if only the games weren’t so expensive…

      • Yea it’s a bit of a bummer… I have a PS4 & PC too, I can’t really afford to buy the latest games on all 3… hopefully I can pick up some used games, and maybe troll through the eshop for some cheapies…

    • A lot of affordable stuff in the eshop, and some great games in there too. Pick up Hollow Knight! ^^

      • The thing that really chafes for me is that the eshop is full of ports from the last 3+ yrs, re-released with the original – or worse, inflated – pricing, hardly ever on sale. There’s a lot of great stuff on there, but ‘affordable’ is a bit of a stretch, especially if you’ve already bought most of them on PC or PS4.

        I’m still gonna buy my favourites, but it chafes.

        • Not everything is necessarily cheap, and sales can be few and far between, but there are definitely affordable, well priced games on there of a good quality. I mentioned Hollow Knight not only because it’s great, but because it’s only $18. I don’t buy heaps of games, I’m not made of money, but I happily bought HK at that price point despite already buying it on PC last year. Stardew Valley is around $15 from memory, ICEY was $13… There’s some great stuff to be had without breaking the back.
          As for the more expensive titles, going up to 20, 30 and 40 bucks… Some of them are over priced. But some are just underpriced on PC, because the PC market has to make buying the game and supporting the devs more appealing than pirating the game, which is super easy on the platform. Honestly, I don’t think 30 bucks is too much for a game like Darkest Dungeon or Golf Story on Switch. Yes, it’s more expensive than on PC. 40 bucks would be pushing it for me. But less than 1/2 the price of a AAA game that might net me upwards of 15 hours and that I might enjoy more doesn’t seem unreasonable. Especially since I prefer the feel of my Switch to most consoles.
          But I understand that I might be in the minority with a lot of this. ;p

      • Nice I will check it out! Do they have the virtual console still? Like on the 3DS you could download and play classic nes & snes games

        • No ‘virtual console’ as with the 3DS and Wii U. There are a few classics uploaded to the EShop, but Nintendo has withheld most of their library so that you can access old titles with your online service subscription, which starts in September(?) and is supposed to cost around $30 a month. They’ve announced about 20 NES classic titles so far that you get access to with the subscription, with more TBA.
          Hopefully we’ll get word of more N64, Gamecube and Wii game support coming, but no word yet.

          • Right now it’s free, but I believe as of sometime in September, yes, you will have to pay. Same as with PS4 and XBox, they all make you pay. Nintendo’s will thankfully be the cheapest subscription, as well as giving you access to some NES back catalogue games and cloud saves (which should probably be free, but whatever).

          • (looks like Kotaku doesn’t accept emoji) There goes my hopes of getting a Switch. I guess there’s always single player games like Zelda: BOTW

          • Really? I mean, if it’s a choice between a Switch and one of the other platforms, Switch is still the cheapest multiplayer platform (except PC, where it’s free). Though honestly, I mostly play single player games, except for a bit of Paladins and Splatoon now and then. 🙂

  • I could just imagine the craziness if there was a sudden price drop to $299 for this Xmas.

    They would sell a squillion.

  • I sold my switch after finishing BOTW, But I’m thinking about getting another..

    Being a portable that went flat in under 3 hours was the deal breaker for me but I have been told by everyone who owns one that wasn’t right… So I’m thinking about taking another gamble and seeing how I go.

    • No, that sounds about right in my experience. Maybe not UNDER three hours, but if you’re playing BotW, Skyrim, or Hyrule Warriors etc, don’t expect much more than three hours before having to get to a dock or using the AC power cable. Maybe 3.5-4 before it utterly shuts itself down and refuses to play? If you’re expecting 4-6+ I don’t think people have been giving you the full story. Maybe they were only playing picross or stardew.

      • My one always died in UNDER 3 hours… The only time I got over 3 was on the first day of purchase.
        It got steadily worse from there, by the time I was “done” with BOTW it was regularly dying at JUST over the 2 hour mark.

        But honestly I’m not sure if even 4 hours would make it worth it to me… I don’t know lol

        But thanks heaps Transientmind you have helped my decision making process… I think 😀

        • Yeah, I don’t think a half hour’s difference (which you could probably achieve adjusting the brightness/volume) is going to help your overall complaint.

          It’s fine for my use, because I’m only ever in a position to actually play a game for a sustained period of time when I’m on the couch or in bed. Every other time I’m either driving, or very uncomfortable/restless/jetlagged on a plane. I can’t think of ever being somewhere that I’d have 4-6hrs to play and no access to power in between to recharge. Even on holidays out poolside or whatever, I’m unlikely to be there for three hours without going back to the room.

          Quick disclaimer that I intend no criticism: I’m really curious about what sort of scenarios you find yourself in where 3hrs, for example, wouldn’t be enough of a play session without putting the thing to power. Do you take a lot of ultra-long flights on a regular basis? This is alien to my experience and I’d love to hear how life shakes out for someone who’d have that requirement. 🙂

          • I always had my brightness as low as physically possible as having it up would cut half an hour off my battery life bringing it easily under 2 hours..

            So what I’m getting is there was an issue with my switch but not enough of an issue that a new one would really solve it for me.

            I use to play on the vline trip to and from Melbourne which was a 4.5 hour trip each way, with no way to charge in the city.

            So it would be dead half way on the first leg of my travel and just an extra thing to carry/worry about getting stolen while in Melbourne.

          • Makes sense. I hadn’t considered that anyone would commute 4hrs to someone they didn’t have access to power, then 4hr commute again.

            Portable storage might be the only real solution. I don’t think even the 3DS could handle that kind of demand. And Ninty seems hell-bent on fucking with anyone who tries to make their devices chargeable through USB… tough problem to crack, yours.

            Best of luck with your travels. 🙂

          • Jesus dude, how often you have to commute like this? Please don’t say everyday!

            My advice would be to get a Switch: even if you can only get 3 hours out of it, that leaves you with only one hour and a half left to fill (in whichever way you already fill 4 and a half). It doesn’t make sense to me to not getting anything of it at all just because it cannot last you the full time.

          • I’m too paranoid about it getting stolen…
            I have had my bag stolen from the same location on 4 different occasions now,but it’s far too bulky to carry in my pocket.

            And no not everyday… just 3 times a week.

          • Ouch, yeah I get you. Not suitable for summer but maybe for winter, you could get one of those jackets or coats with really big inside pockets. That’s what I do.

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