Secret Of Mana: One Game, Three Very Different Boxes

Remember opening up your first copy of Secret Of Mana? Those memories are probably quite different, depending on if you lived in Japan, North America or Europe.

For this, the grand SEASON FINALE of Complete In Box, I crack into three different versions of Square’s fondly-remembered 1993 action role-playing game. There’s the US one that I got for Christmas, the Japanese one that was one of the first things I bought when I first went to Japan in the year 2000, and the European big-box version that I bought recently.

While in the US EarthBound‘s SNES release was packaged alongside its full-sized strategy guide in a massive cardboard box, Nintendo of Europe did a similar treatment for several different games, including Mana.

In this case, my giant Secret of Mana is from Germany. What secrets will we find inside? Watch this double-sized episode of Complete In Box to find out.

Thanks for watching all eight episodes of this season — we’ll be back with more and better Complete In Box as soon as we can!


  • My cart didn’t come with a box, bought it second hand from the local games shop a long long time ago.
    Became my favourite game for a large part of my childhood.

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