UNIQLO's Blizzard Shirts Available Locally From Next Week

UNIQLO has done plenty of pop-culture crossovers in the last few years, with some very neat Nintendo-themed shirts recently. As of next month, one of their latest collaborations will finally become available in Australia: their Blizzard-themed line.

The shirts have been on sale in Japan, but they'll finally be available through UNIQLO directly (online and their Mid City Sydney store) from August 6. There's shirts from World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft, Diablo and Overwatch.

All images: UNIQLO

The grey World of Warcraft one is the pick of the bunch, for my money. All of the shirts are only $19.95 a pop, so not a bad spare tee to have in your bag come PAX Australia time.

Head to UNIQLO if you want to browse through the full line.


    Link to the full line is broken.

    If you just go to the Uniqlo website and search "Blizzard" they will come up.

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    "Gamer" shirts. Don't do it.

      Why not? I have a bunch of shirts from Blizzard and D&D stuff, they're awesome.

        Yeah, my partner wears them almost exclusively. Our favourites are amusing mash-ups between fandoms.

        Stuff like the Charles Darwin + Pokemon looks great and isn't just garish, blandly awful brand-logo/title crap that infests EB Games/Zing.

          I quite like Blizzard's Overwatch silhouette shirts (example) myself. Obviously there are some bad gaming shirts out there, but there are bad any shirts out there.

          I also love D&D shirts. This one from Critical Role's second campaign is gorgeous, picked it up about a month ago.

      I tend to agree, but some of these are pretty tasteful, its better than the crap youd get at EB games that every neckbeard in QLD is wearing.

      Id have to see what quality they are. Because nothing but 100% cotton touches this body.

      I'll wear what I like my friend.

      And I like that red diablo shirt.

      There's definitely a line to be drawn, but it's just a matter of taste.

      Frankly, that Diablo shirt is pretty dope. I think for me, the line is whether or not it has text on it. I wouldn't wear those DVA/King's Honor shirts.

    They're 100% cotton. Uniqlo t-shirts are generally great quality for the money. They don't last particularly well, but are solid for $20.

    Uni-C's Nintendo range last year was pretty good

      Yeah I got the funky Splatoon one as a christmas gift and honestly it's the nicest t-shirt I've ever owned. The material is super-high quality and it feels great to wear.

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