H1Z1 Battle Royale Community Split Over Third Person Aiming Glitch

H1Z1 Battle Royale Community Split Over Third Person Aiming Glitch

A large portion of the H1Z1 Battle Royale community on PS4 is split over a third person aiming glitch. Players appear split between complaining about or supporting the glitch. While there are other bugs in H1Z1, many players believe this glitch in particular is unfair.

Currently, aiming in H1Z1 Battle Royale works in two ways. You can hipfire in third person, allowing you to quickly move around while shooting. When you aim down your sights for more precision, the game automatically shifts your perspective to first person. This is different from other battle royales such as Fortnite, which is played entirely in third person with the exception of scoped weapons.

This controversial glitch in H1Z1 allows players to aim down sights in third person. The exploit is fairly easy: All a player needs to do is move near a car and then push the options button and triangle button on their PS4 controller simultaneously.

The triangle button is how players enter and exit vehicles. If the glitch is done correctly, players will enter the vehicle and the option menu will appear at the same time. Exiting the car and the menu, players can now aim and shoot in third person for the rest of the match. Aiming in third person gives players more awareness of their surroundings while shooting.

Third person aiming has been available in the PC version of H1Z1 for some time now. While the PC version and PS4 port are very different, some fans point towards the PC version as proof that third person aiming should be implemented in the game. But some PS4 players are worried this will make the feel too much like Fortnite.

Others prefer the lack of third person aiming as they believe it makes the combat feel more tense. I personally have never played the PC version and prefer the lack of third person aiming, as it makes firefights feel more exciting. When you are focused on someone and shooting at them, other players can sneak by you or even get closer and kill you.

The H1Z1 online community is filled with discussion about this exploit. For example, this recent tweet from the official H1Z1 account has multiple replies and threads from players who are either upset over the glitch or who actually prefer playing with the glitch active.

Other players believe the glitch is cheating or could lead to more camping and hiding behind walls. Some fans feel that it makes H1Z1 feel more like Fortnite, a similarity they dislike.

The glitch is part of a larger debate that has been happening in the H1Z1 community since the game launched on PS4 back in June. Many fans want third person aiming added into the game.

Even before the glitch existed players were debating if it should be added. Some members of the community just want the glitch fixed and a separate mode added that would support third person.

This would be similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which has support for first person only servers.

H1Z1 developers Daybreak Games explained to Kotaku that they are aware of the third person glitch and are currently working on a fix. They did not comment on if they plan to add a third person aiming feature.

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