Monster Hunter: World Team Bests The Game’s Toughest Fight In Under Five Minutes

Monster Hunter: World Team Bests The Game’s Toughest Fight In Under Five Minutes

Monster Hunter: World’s dangerous Behemoth requires a lot of focus to take down. The battle, inspired by Final Fantasy 14’s boss raids, is a huge change of pace from most fights and a hard roadblock for plenty of hunters.

The extreme version of the fight makes things even harder, but a group of amazingly coordinated hunters managed the feat in under five minutes.

Most players taking on the “extreme” version of the Behemoth fight will find themselves dying again and again.

The monster is more aggressive, casting spells incredibly quickly while hardly flinching from attacks. They can cast their dangerous Ecliptic Meteor attack with shocking speed; if you aren’t in the right position at exactly the right time, your entire team can be wiped out. It’s definitely the hardest fight currently in the game.

Unless you’re this group of hunters, who took it down in four minutes and 23 seconds.

The team of four square of against the Behemoth using Heavy Bowguns in order to rain explosives down on the beast. More importantly, they use special ammo to put the monster to sleep and set themselves up for its explosive wake-up attacks. Monsters take extra damage whenever you wake them up from sleep, so this helps the fight move along much faster.

Monster Hunter veterans should be familiar with some these tactics, which have earned the nickname “HAME”, after the Japanese word “hameru” (嵌める). It can mean many things, from “to fuck” to “entrap”. HAME runs against monsters are incredibly effective but require practise to get the timing and coordination down.

Seeing a such a savage beatdown of the game’s toughest monsters is a great way to vicariously enjoy the thrill of being a top hunter, even if my friends and I will probably just stick with fighting the normal version.