Our First Look At Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay

Our First Look At Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay

Rockstar today showed off a first look at the western Red Dead Redemption II, which comes out October 26 for PS4 and Xbox One, and it looks like a fascinating evolution of the first one. Most importantly, this time you can brush your horse.

Here’s the video:

It’s all very pretty, and seems to include some complicated systems—you can talk yourself out of fights rather than just shooting everything—that promise improvements over the first game, which came out in 2010. Dead Eye slow-motion shooting is back, as is poker. As are guns and horses and, of course, cowboy hats.

In the video, Rockstar also teases systems based on animal hunting, horse grooming, and relationships with non-player characters. “Helping the camp with food and supplies will keep morale high, while spending time with other gang members can reveal new secrets, fun things to do, and opportunities for mischief.”

Maybe the most intriguing new system involves conversation options. While in the first Red Dead your options were essentially “murder” or “kidnap,” in this game it appears you’ll be able to choose whether to defuse or escalate conflicts you find:

You can hunt animals, put their carcasses on your horse, and ride them back to town to exchange for money. You can intimidate people, pick fights, and get into far more involved brawls than you could in the first Red Dead:

Rockstar promises that the next video will show off activities, enemy gangs, missions, and more. To be honest, the first few trailers had left me a little cold, but this gameplay is way more promising. Two months to go.


    • Not sure what you were watching – “You’ll play as Arthur Morgan…” was what was said and all footage showed the player as him alone so I don’t believe it is like GTA5 at all

    • Kind of hoping you can, but so that the entire game can be completed with just one character so your not forced to switch to progress the story.

    • At this point it would be a major surprise. The multiple-characters thing was announced pretty early for GTA 5 and there’s been nothing to indicate that RDR 2 will have the same dynamic.

      Personally I’d like the opportunity to play multiple characters, but less like the GTA version and more like the bits in The Witcher 3 where you play as Ciri. Having a few missions where you play as a female or black character would be interesting given the setting, it would open up some different narrative possibilities.

    • I do hope they release this on PC, and if they do it doesn’t take too long.

      Though I have a PS4 Pro / 4K TV, I prefer PC and rationalize that the wait gives me a chance to catch up on other games.

  • dayuuuummmmmm this looks as amazing as I had hoped. Maybe more so.

    Truly remarkable how much game visuals improve over the course of a console generation on the same hardware.

  • The environments look fantastic (as expected). Looking forward to the single-player experience. I lost interest in the last one when my dude developed the ability to shoot pretty much everyone with me doing nothing, so hoping for dramatically better shooting mechanics.

    Spiderman leading to this = my gaming time locked up until Christmas.

  • Look absolutely stunning. Will be a treat on Pro/4K/ HDR for sure.

    I completed about 80% of original RDR and kinda got bored and put the controller down, too much padding. I do regret not finishing that game.
    Played Red Dead Revolver way back too. Great art style & mechanics if my flakey memory recalls.

    • I completed about 80% of original RDR and kinda got bored and put the controller down, too much padding. I do regret not finishing that game.Ditto. Wondering if there’s time to race through it before 2 comes out…

  • I don’t think this is for me. It looks great but it also looks like another game that’ll take 200 hours and several months of my life to complete.

  • Escalate. always escalate. If you’re not getting into to brawls or gunfights – you must be wild westing wrong. hahaha

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