8 Minutes From Pokemon Let's Go! Pikachu

Right. We're not far off from having the first proper Pokemon game on the Switch. And if you haven't seen how it plays yet, here's eight minutes to enjoy.

The footage is from very early on in the game, the same area that was shown off to press at Gamescom earlier this year. It's enough to give a general impression of what to expect, particularly from how the Pokemon Go-inspired elements have been incorporated into a remux of the original Pokemon games.

Is this the Pokemon people want in 2018? Not a remake or a remaster, but more of a halfway house with Pokemon Go mechanics? Not having to bugger around swapping Pokemon in and out or

I find myself asking that more and more as we get closer to release. It won't stop me from making a team of six Psyduck champions, but still. What I'd really like to see is how Let's Go! plays in handheld mode. That's how I enjoyed the originals, after all. But if I have to wave the Switch around every few minutes, my tolerance for the Pokemon grind is going to wear real thin.


    The game is becoming more appealing the more I watch.

    Looking forward to this, and eventually Yokai-watch 4.

    I'll be waiting to see if there are options not to use motion controls. I hate that stuff.

      You can play the game without motion control. In handheld mode you use the left stick to aim and press A to throw.

    Floaty fall WTF is that crap. lol any way I kinda wish it was going to be another Pokemon RPG getting released. I don't wasnt ot have to buy a new console just to play it. Dang

    Im confused:
    1) is there a handheld mode?
    2) is it 2 player?
    3) did they both get a jigglypuff?

    More questions than answers...

      1) Yes
      2) Player 2 can drop into your game to join your game to assist. Requires profile in the same console.
      3) Increases the chance of catching pokemon. Unsure if both gets Jigglypuff.

        Isn't it the second player uses the second joycon? So there's really only one game, so therefore only one Jigglypuff for the primary player.
        Note: I'm basing that off the fact that the second player didn't seem to trigger encounters with pokemon he ran into in the long grass.

          Yea the second player is playing as a support. Last I remember reading some of the article it mentions that it uses a local profile and it will load that profiles account.

          Probably it might be like Souls game that they are just some summoned person to assist you and they get 0 progress.

    The more I see of the new game, the more I feel that I've outgrown it, or it's aimed at being too childish for me.

    New moves such as Splishy Splash, Buzzy Buzz, Sizzly Slide and Bouncy Bubble just put me off it all.

    I told my mates that I won't be getting a Switch until a new core Pokemon game is released on it... I'm so glad this isn't a core game

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