Troll Characters Are Invading Online Soulcalibur VI Matches

Troll Characters Are Invading Online Soulcalibur VI Matches

The Soulcalibur franchise has included a special mode that allows players to build their own characters since the release of Soulcalibur III in 2005. Soulcalibur VI is no different, and while most of custom fighters thus far have been pop culture-based or lizardmen with gargantuan dicks, the latest oddity to appear online takes the cake.

Last night, a giant, rainbow-coloured box began showing up in netplay matches. The Cube, as it’s rightly named, is the creation of fighting game competitor Abbock (also known as Cryin’ Brian). While there is a regular fighter inside of the cube, Abbock appears to have surpassed the restrictions of Soulcalibur VI’s Create-A-Soul mode by using a cheat program to hide them behind layers of distracting nonsense.

The cube itself doesn’t have a hitbox, but opponents are still thrown off since it’s hard to properly judge where the real body is. Abbock spent almost two hours streaming his online Soulcalibur VI matches Wednesday evening, using both The Cube and another character he created later that resembles a giant apple.

Those unfortunate enough to face him have since posted their sides of these interactions on social media with a mixture of frustration and confusion.

After shitting up a few games with The Cube, Abbock went back to Create-A-Soul mode to show off his crimes against humanity step by step by building the aforementioned apple-shaped character.

He first attached the apple item, which players can regularly use to customise their fighters to a skeleton base and, using his cheat program, he expanded it to massive proportions. Much like with The Cube, this completely hid the skeleton within.

While humorous, the creation of troll characters portends badly for online play in Soulcalibur VI. It’s one thing to run into one of these joke characters in a casual match, but since custom fighters are also allowed in ranked mode, competitors looking for serious practice could also fall victim to these shenanigans.

Abbock is unfairly using cheats to make his characters even harder to fight, but even regular custom characters can be pretty ridiculous. Many Soulcalibur fans are questioning the decision to include these custom builds in official ranked matches as opposed to just on the casual ladder.

Netplay, insufficient and flawed as it often is, can never equal the value of offline, local practice in fighting games. Still, as more and more players embrace PC versions of their favourite titles, developers will have to do more to ensure things like The Cube don’t ruin the experience, especially as copycats begin to emerge.

As for Abbock, he’s since moved on to more normal pursuits, like making the largest dong we’ve seen in Soulcalibur VI yet. Bravo.

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