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Evo 2018 played host to multiple tournaments over its three-day run for established games such as Street Fighter 5 and Dragon Ball FighterZ as well as the as-yet-unreleased Soulcalibur 6, which is still in development and set to come out on October 19.

Marie-Laure “Kayane” Norindr, a veteran competitor from France known for, among other things, winning even with her eyes closed, placed fifth in the Soulcalibur 6 tournament. Afterwards, she opened up to Kotaku not only about the game’s competitive future but also her own.


In SoulCalibur 6, Ivy Valentine will be as she always was: wrapped in stringy cloth, balloon-breasted, mostly naked. She wields a snake sword that extends into a whip, a dominatrix's weapon that's helped land her in innumerable knock-off porn videos and pin-up images. As one the Soul series' most recognisable fighters, Ivy has always looked like a caricature of a pubescent boy's preposterously-proportioned ideal video game lady.


In the five years since we last saw a mainline Soulcalibur title released, no competitor has really stepped up to fill the game's specific niche. Focused on armour and weapons, the Soulcalibur games have always had a unique combat range, pacing, and impact speed built around various weapon styles.

I played Soulcalibur VI for around an hour at a press event last week and, while the demo was very limited, there was enough to show that the fundamentals of the series are not being radically changed. This is Soulcalibur as you know it, with some of its systems simplified, and a couple of new features to help turn the tide in a particularly one-sided match.