What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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How much gaming can you do in the backseat of a car, I wonder?

Because Tegan's assessing a car over the weekend, I've been kindly asked if I'd like to accompany her on some drives. We're going to try and see both of our parents, although we haven't worked out the specifics. One of the fancier elements of the car is that there's supposedly internet access in the back, courtesy of an eSIM, and part of the experience is trialling that.

So it'll be good to give that a go. I've got some uni work that needs finishing anyway, and being able to play some Switch games along the way is neat. I've got one in particular that I'm looking forward to, but I can't talk about that yet.

What are you playing this weekend?



      So damn much Odyssey. Been playing most non-working/sleeping hours this week, and still only fully-completed the starter zone, and only about halfway cleared two others. So much left to do.

    Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise

    You're already dead.

      Have you played a certain, apparently hilarious, mini-game yet?

      You're already drunk!

        I just got access to a vehicle and random fights in the desert

        Haven't yet but I love how extra this game is ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor (PS4) - finding it a bit frustrating with the frickin' Uruk captains popping up to annoy me when I'm mid-mission. Even more when a second one pops up when I'm in the middle of fighting the first one. I've taken just to running away when that happens, but often this forces me to abort the mission. Frustrating!

    Still going with Chaos;Head on PC and Dungeon Travelers 2 on PS Vita.

    Darksiders 2, for the...4th time?

    Just knocked off the Warmastered original, in the lead up to November's release. Such great games - with an art style that absolutely holds up and still looks impressive, especially for a re-release/re-master of last-gen games.

    [In fact I reckon War looks *way* better in the original than he does in the D3 story trailer. But anyhow.]

    Mario Party and a case of beer.

    Also probably some drunk rocket league, and Fortnite now that the switch version has significantly fixed graphics and motion controls.

    But mostly it's the being drunk thing.

      What sort of beer?


        I also have a couple of banana bread beers and some budejovicky left over.

          Sounds intriguing. I'll have to try Yebisu one of these days. Enjoy!

    I was thinking of diving back in to Red Dead Redemption. Haven't really played it since it came out, and I wanna get nice and in the mood for when RDR2 comes out.

    Probably some Into the Breach, Overwatch and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

    Into Octopath now in a big way, glorious little game held back from perfection by just a couple of QoL niggles; biggest issue is that the random battles are a little too frequent (even with evasive manoeuvres) when exploring some of the late game areas (especially when the enemy groups are repeatedly identical and take a few turns to whittle away) - if there’s a ‘stop all encounters’ skill/item i’ve yet to find it. On the flip side, boss fights are still amazing - got wiped for the first time in ages yesterday & I actually enjoyed it! :D

    Assassin's Creed: Odyssey - which arrived via Amazon yesterday.

    Forza Horizon 4 and probably some Pathfinder Kingmaker

    I've gotten back into Eiyuu Senki so that will probably be taking up most of my weekend though I do want to check out Mega Man 11. Decisions!

    I recently bought a GTX 1080ti to "play all the games" but all the games have suddenly become boring. :(

    Dues Ex : MK. Might check out Friday the 13th which has popped up as PS plus freebie......ch-ch-ch......hu-hu-hu.

    Zelda on the switch, have been playing it in handheld mode, originally thought it wouldnt be so good but its really engrossing, dont even notice the tiny screen.

    Was going to get mario party but might hold off untill december.

    Also will be seeing whats coming in the humblebundle.

    I'm without a PC for the next few weeks, so have been playing thru Uncharted. Finished the Vita Uncharted and original on the PS4 on Crushing, so for a guy with arthritis and is usually attached to a mouse, I think I'm pretty pro at this point > <.

    On another note, I would like to raise just how bloody ridiculous Switch game pricing, with most games commanding 20%+ over other console prices. I'd just buy physically, but the Switch is a bit of a PITA dealing with cards. There's a couple of games that I would have bought (Namco collection with Pac-Man Championship DX & Galaga & TWEWY) this week if not for how ridiculous pricing is atm.

    Don't even get me started on Pokken Tournament DX commanding over $100 with its DLC fighters, or Zelda a full year out from launch.

    /end rant.

      Just finished my playthrough of the Uncharted games (don't have a Vita, so I've missed out on Golden Abyss).

      If you haven't played them before, be prepared because you're in for a treat with 2-4.

    This weekend Attack on Titan 2 on the Switch, with some Paladins later on.

    I wont be able to get a game for a few weeks, so I've been playing lots of Fortnite. It's very try hardy but really fun.

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