A Few Minutes From Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2

A Few Minutes From Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2

There are a lot of Warhammer 40,000 games, many of varying quality. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada was one of the better strategy games, and this morning there’s a few minutes to enjoy from the sequel.

Due out on January 24 next year, BGA 2 builds on the space tactics formula from the original and broadens it a tad, offering three singleplayer campaigns (Necrons, Imperium and Tyranids) instead of just the one. There’ll be 12 factions at launch as well, while the 13th Black Crusade and Gathering Storm settings will form the narrative backdrop for Tindalos’s RTS.

The previous Battlefleet Gothic was fun game about spaceship tactics, dripping with Warhammer lore. It had a ton of escort missions, and the AI was a little janky, but it did a fine job of recreating W40K’s grim world. There’s a few minutes of gameplay from the sequel below, and you can get some glimpses of the new UI and what to expect.

The cinematics were neat in BGA, so fingers crossed the sequel does a good job of those. Speaking of the original, it’s on sale for $10 right now. It’s worth persevering through, provided you’re a fan of the genre.


  • I love 40k (don’t play table top) I think that it has one of the most well constructed universes around.

    Having said that I was super disappointed with the first armada. It was an objectively bad game, sorry to say.

    • Really? In what way? I loved it. I don’t think it was perfect, larger max fleet sizes and more races would be better. But I had a lot of fun with it.

      • I got frustrated with the repetitiveness of the missions, especially the whole teleport the thing off then warp out.

        I also found the movement really frustrating, I couldn’t get the ships to move as I wanted and do the things I wanted when.

        I gave up after about 8 hours I think

    • Time is the killer 🙁 I’m working my way through a piece on the RTX cards for today, I’m doing a particular playthrough of Pokemon Let’s Go, and I want to cycle back around to Battlefield 5 to do some ray tracing / writing on the campaign, as well as some work on the new Ansel features that got rolled out. Most of this I have to do out of office hours as well, on top of the comment moderation and daily articles and other admin.

      • No sweat – always dig your articles Alex.

        Do keep Mechanicus in mind though. It won’t receive the same exposure as some of the other, bigger games out at this time of year. But it really is quite brilliant. Even if it’s something you look back on in a few weeks.

      • you should forget comment moderation this website is useless at it collectively not accusing you of anything Alex but it seems you have a bunch of mods nuking comments simply because they don’t like the opinions of the people posting them.

        • Having looked back at the comment in question: that didn’t get nuked for the opinions, it got nuked because it wasn’t put forward in a civil manner. Disagree without calling people idiots and the like and the comment will be fine.

          • I expected this response i know you think it’s true but there is no consistency.

            If swearing is wrong then Why do i get responses with “fuck” written 7 or more times in it?

            If it’s not what you say but the directing language at certain people like “idiot” your example.

            I can’t call someone an idiot but they can tell me to shutup?
            to be clear i think banning either one is childish if you cant handle the word idiot you have no right to be in the work force or on the internet period. My pointy being is you don’t even realise that a lot of the moderation on this site lets thins slide from the people they agree with.

            EDIT: basically if your going to moderate the comments can you get someone else to do it so u can focus on other things

          • If there’s a response with that much swearing and vitriol, link me to it and I’ll look it over. I try to be pretty reasonable, and I just expect that everyone commenting do the same.

          • i dont think your the one who is ureasonable alex and i im going to look like im trying to hide now but i wont link u top the comments because i dont think they should be censored and i stick to my principles

            im just saying there are some people who write nonsense for this website let them do the moderating :S

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