Ubisoft Have A Cyber Monday Sale Too

There are countless Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales going on and you can add Ubisoft's online store to the mix.

Most of the game you can find on sale on Ubisoft's store are on sale on other sites as well. Where this sale gets more interesting is that you can get a free copy of Rayman Legends if you spend over $36 and you can get an additional 20% discount by spending 100 Ubisoft Club Points. Guess all of those Uplay achievements were worth something after all.

Here are some of the highlights of the sale:

You can view the full sale here.

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    I feel like those should be the RRP for those games/statues by now, this long after their respective launches.

      Yeah, most of those don't feel like 'savings'. Grinds my gears when digital copies of year old games are still full price by default. They should either be cheaper at launch than their physical equivalents, or dropping over time at a consistent rate to reflect a lower buying rate.

      To see Assassins Creed Origins with a RRP of $90 thirteen months after release (and with a 'sequel') screams greed to me. As you say, these prices should more or less be the RRP by now for most of them. Some that are only a few months old, maybe not, but most should.

      Maybe they're always on sale though, and the RRP is just a marketing ploy to suggest more savings than there actually is. I wouldn't put it past Ubisoft to do that.

    Nice deal. Assassins Creed Origin + season pass for PS4 ended up being $45.58. While the 20% discount cost 100 uplay points, the purchase earned 46 new points,

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