Delays Spoil Fallout 76 Launch For Some Aussies

Delays Spoil Fallout 76 Launch For Some Aussies

It’s Fallout 76 day, and fans are already preloading or waiting to pick up their copy after work. But for some Aussies who preordered the game, particularly special editions, supply issues mean their Reclamation Day will come much later.

For most Australians and New Zealanders, it’s been a lucky day to leave the vault. International timezones meant Fallout 76 servers unlocked first for us, and those who received their digital codes or attended midnight launches have been wandering the wasteland just fine.

If you ordered a special edition, however, things have been a little stranger.

Kotaku Australia started hearing word from readers earlier this week that things were amiss with two special editions of the game, the S.*.*.C.*.*.L. edition through Amazon and the Power Armor edition through EB Games.

For those ordering through EB Games, notifications started going out late last week that Fallout 76 shipments had left the EB Games warehouse. Australia Post tracking numbers were supplied, but users as of today haven’t received any updates from the national postie. EB told users on Twitter yesterday that strict embargoes prevent copies from going out earlier, although EB stressed to me over email that there were no delays on their end.

I asked EB Games whether users could still expect their special editions of the game by today. They confirmed that orders were “shipped according to the customers estimated delivery time”, and that copies were shipped from EB’s warehouse in accordance with advice from Australia Post. Any issues with Australia Post not sending out updates, however, were out of EB’s control.

Things have been more fraught for those ordering through Amazon Australia. Multiple readers shared their correspondence with Kotaku Australia, showing that Amazon has given users the option to cancel their S.*.*.C.*.*.L. edition preorders.

One user shared an apology email from a support representative, stating that stock of the S.*.*.C.*.*.L. edition had ran out entirely – even though that user had a receipt for a preorder. Others also confirmed that Amazon had offered them the opportunity to cancel, with no ETA on when the S.*.*.C.*.*.L. edition would ship.

“We’re awaiting a revised estimate from our supplier,” the Amazon correspondence read.

It’s a frustrating situation. For anyone who pays the premium for a special edition, you expect to be able to play on launch day with everyone else. And in a world where double digit launch day patches are common, there’s an expectation that the highest tier collector editions could at least arrive a day ahead to allow enough time to preload.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case. Making matters worse is that the experience seems to be inconsistent. Some users are expecting to receive regular copies of Fallout 76 by today, while others aren’t. Fans have been leaving complaints on the Bethesda ANZ Facebook page, noting that they’ve received no tracking updates for days; one posted that they’re not expected to get Fallout 76 until Tuesday.

The users who had the least trouble appeared to be those that picked up their pre-orders in store. A few posted shots of their Power Armor helmets on the official EB Games Facebook page, while others complained about Australia Post having no record of the shipments in their system, only receiving the game despite ordering special editions, or being left in the dark entirely.

Part of the problem is also on an individual level. If a driver or courier doesn’t scan an item upon collection, people waiting for their shipments won’t get updated on its progress. Those same people will then reach out to the storefronts they ordered from for answers, which have to cycle back to the couriers to understand what’s going on. Other instances, like the cancellation of items that have been pre-ordered, are more complicated and even more frustrating for fans.

I’ve reached out to Amazon Australia for clarification on when special edition shipments are expected to arrive, and what will happen for users who had their special edition orders cancelled through Amazon. Amazon Australia confirmed that they were looking into the situation, but did not have a statement by the time of publication. I’ve also reached out to Bethesda Australia and have not received a response. This story will be updated should more information and statements come to light.


  • Isn’t this game supposed to be a tyre fire that needs a lot of fixes before it’s worth playing? Under those circumstances probably best to hold off on purchasing/playing anyway.

    • I’m hoping to get the EB trade 2 get it for $29 as got a couple of duplicate disks thanks to games with gold!

      It won’t be that cheap for a while so I can put up with a few bugs now!

  • Got my power armor edition today, I live on an island and considered remote/rural so don’t know about other delays.

    I am disappointed with the bag though it’s honestly like a bag you would get with a pair of footy boots or something like what the Bunnings ponchos are made of, I though it would be canvas or calico material.

    it’s not even double stitched on the seems and will probably fall apart on its first use, I had the Far Cry 2 collectors edition that bag lasted 5 years until the seems gave out and I had to read stitch it, haven’t had a bag as good and durable since.

    • I live in a metropolitan area. The documentation for my Power Armor Edition was recieved by AusPost last Friday …. and that’s it. No package. No tracking. Nothing.
      At this stage, my $300 package seems lost.

      And EBGame’s response (from their hotline) was “if you wanted it on launch day, you should have picked it up in-store”.

      Thanks EB.

  • I bought the game from Amazon after seeing the sale mentioned here. Decided against the S.P.E.C.I.A.L edition despite it being no sale for the exact same price as regular version – it only had badges or pins or something and I don’t care about it.

    That said though it says expected delivery on Friday, ships today….Still haven’t received confirmation it has shipped and it’s currently 3:30pm.

    I was initially going to wait on buying the game to see how hacking pans out but now that I’ve bought it I want to start playing it ASAP…gonna be disappointed if it doesn’t rock up on Friday.

  • Pretty angry and confused about how this has happened. We pre-ordered this game so these companies had the number they would need to the demand. It’s release day I had paid extra to get the S.*.*.C.*.*.L. version delivered from Amazon Australia today but at 6:30am I get an email saying “We regret to inform you that the following items have been delayed:
    Fallout 76: S.*.*.C.*.*.L. Edition (Exclusive to Amazon AU) (PC)”
    “Estimated arrival date: Unknown

    So I have no idea when I will see my copy. I even called Amazon Australia today and was told by them that none of the “Fallout 76: S.*.*.C.*.*.L. Edition” are available on any of the other Amazon websites and they can’t give me a date as to when I will see my copy.
    What the actual hell? If I don’t get a copy in a few days I will cancel my order and just not play the game. That is how I feel.
    (I also tried to contact via facebook, I opened a ticket on the bethesda support website and contacted Bethesda via private msg on social media.)
    What a total F Up! This has been for me a friends of mine.

    • Amazon AU have been a TOTAL fuck up since they started – I”ve had 3 parcels just not be delivered (or pinched from my doorstep, depsite amazon saying ”parcel handed to resident”), 1 parcel refunded because a month or so later the seller could not deliver and now 2 separate orders for the SPECIAL PC edition and a normal PC edition lost in limbo. Know how many successful deliveries I’ve had from Amazon AU since they started? One. Which was a $3.95 avacado slicer.

      No use taking it out on Bethesda – they didn’t cause the lack of supplied good or slow delivery of goods from EB Games.

    • Private message me on the Bethesda forums under Pookie101. I ended up with a second key for the tricentenial PC version that you can have no strings

  • JB HiFi wasn’t allowed to release “physical” copies (that were just a code printed on a disk-shaped card) until 9 hours after launch.

    For a game you can’t play until the servers are up.

    Bethesda can’t organise a root in a brothel with a fist full of fifties.

    • Considering no other retailers had this problem (EB Games and Amazon both shipped yesterday and EB were doing retail sales from midnight), it sounds like that’s a JB problem, not a Bethesda problem.

      Servers were up worldwide from midnight AEDT also, despite the game officially launching at midnight in everyone’s local timezone. So you could get on early if you got it early and were from somewhere with a lower timezone than Australia.

  • I just walked into EB games straight after work (3:30pm), grabbed a fresh copy and got them to price match JB Hi-Fi ($59). Can’t complain so far

  • Man this is painful for people who paid a premium price for a premium edition; they really should be getting treated better.

    A friend of mine ordered one of the top editions of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (one with two smaller statues, not the one massive one, was about $300 I think) through the Ubistore here in Oz, and it shipped the week before launch however it had not arrived by the day the game actually came out at retail; and Ubi mailed a digital code for the full game as an apology that day. The actual delivery then arrived the following day, with the physical copy of the game included of course.

    That’s how you deal with this sort of thing!

  • I cancelled my Amazon S.P.E.C.I.A.L edition this morning after getting the update and ordered the standard PC edition on Amazon instead as that was in stock and said it would arrive tomorrow. Now it appears the standard PC stock is also gone and I have little hope I will actually get a copy sent now despite the estimated delivery still showing for tomorrow (I had this same issue with WoW: Battle for Azeroth from Amazon when I pre-ordered). So probably best to avoid Amazon pre-orders.

  • My power armour edition arrived just fine this morning. Earlier than expected even, got a knock on the door at 7:40am and had to rush to throw some pants on. Sorry to hear for the people who got delayed 🙁

    • How shit is the bag though, @damian there are a lot of people pissed off about it might be worth keeping up on the forums or reddit if Bethesda decide to give people what they paid for.

      • I hadn’t even looked at it until now to be honest. I’d forgotten it even came with a bag, I only cared about the helmet. I guess since I wasn’t expecting anything I’m not disappointed with it, but it certainly would have been cooler if it was canvas or textile or something.

      • I’m probably more disappointed about that than the broken piece on the helmet.
        I’ve been keeping tabs, and talking to EBGames about it.

  • Got my power armour edition today, but picked up in-store at EB.
    The tab on top of the scope is broken off and missing, and the “canvas” duffel bag looks like something you’d find in a $5 Ekka showbag.

  • After reading this article I had some concerns about my pre-orders of Pokemon with Amazon AU, especially as both have been pending shipping for the last 48 hours, despite paying for release date shipping. Sure enough, after speaking with Customer Service, there are likely to be similar delays/hold-ups due to significant bulk orders placed for both Pikachu and Eeevee Pokeball Plus bundles. Given I pre-ordered a copy of each in July, when pre-orders were first available and at a much higher price (it’s currently $99), I’m extremely disappointed that late pre-orders/bulk orders are taking fulfilment/shipping priority.

  • My power armour edition basically was picked up by Australia post last Friday and that was the last I heard about it until the tracking changed this morning to “being delivered”. So they either didn’t update the tracking info or it teleported to Tassie from Brisbane.

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