Here's Pokemon Let's Go Running On PC Using A Nintendo Switch Emulator

Emulator development is tireless work, full of compromises, trial and error and endless optimisation. Which makes Yuzu — an experimental emulator for the Nintendo Switch — all the more impressive, especially when you consider it can run the just-released Pokemon Let's Go with a great deal of accuracy.

As you can see from the video, the game runs surprisingly well, if you can get past the audio glitches that lend the game a creepy carnival feel. There's also the issue of the text, which is completely unreadable.

Does it need a lot of work? For sure. But that doesn't make this any less amazing.

If you'd like to check Yuzu out, you can download builds from the official website. While it's cross-platform, only Windows binaries are available.

Also note that Pokemon Let's Go is running on Yuzu's "Canary" build, which incorporates the most recent fixes and improvements, but is potentially less stable.

[ Switch Emulator ] Yuzu Canary 1567 - Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! [YouTube]


    Downvote away, but I really don't get one Kotaku sees this one particular form of piracy okay to feature and even promote, vs all other forms.

      Emulators are not piracy. Emulators are not illegal.

      Roms are piracy. Roms are illegal. Emulators themselves are not.

        Sure, makes sense. But what else do people use emulators for other than to play roms?

          To bask in their technological marvel apparently, but definitely not for anything illegal. Never anything illegal.

          It's like how DVD, etc, burners are legal, and would never be used for anything but making legal backups of things people already own... Right?

          Emulators can be used to play legit copies of games too, not just illegal roms, as well as having a variety of other uses. Yes, the majority of users of emulators will probably use them to play pirated roms but that's not their only use.

          Way back when, Sony took the makers of Bleem! to court, which was one of the first commercially available PlayStation emulators. It could play original PS1 discs, it didn't need to be a ripped rom. Sony claimed that it was in breach of some kind of trading laws and unfair competition (because it could cut into the sales of the PS1 hardware). They lost the court case. And now about 20 years later it's revealed they are actually using a freely available open source PS1 emulator in the PlayStation classic. Funny how times change.

            Thanks, interesting read!

              I regularly play my original PS2 discs on my laptop using a PS2 emulator. Great fun :)

              Also I'd like to add that DOSBox is an emulator, and it's being used by GoG and other digital services to sell legit copies of DOS games again. GoG's entire initial business model was built off it, in fact. You can once again purchase *legit* copies of DOS games and have them work on your modern PC without any hassles, all thanks to an emulator.

              Do some people use DOSBox to play pirated DOS games? Sure they do. But that one negative doesn't outweigh all the positives.

      So when news organisations report on Terrorist attacks they are endorsing terrorist attacks?

      Thats your logic after all. Merely reporting on something is endorsing it.

        Weeell... Terrorism makes for 'good' news, which makes news organisations money.

        *adjusts tinfoil hat*

        Under your analogy the news organisation would need to provide a link to the terrorist organisations sign up page. Which would go beyond mere reporting. And ruin your argument.


          Emulators are not illegal. Nintendo and sony have tried taking emulators to court before in the 90s and they lost.

          Why do you think Nintendo hasn't sued an emulator since?

          As for the downvoting. I strongly disagree with it leading to auto-moderation. I think its idiotic. I've raised it several times with the editors and writers but its seemingly never changed. Flagging a comment should result in a comment being auto-moderated. Not downvoting.

            Not only that but all of the positive upvotes you receive seemingly mean nothing. You could have 20 posts that all receive plenty of upvotes but you make one post that receives enough downvotes (which isn't even very many) and suddenly you're in moderation hell.

              Yeah, i don't know what CMS Allure Australia uses but its moderation capability seems limited. Kotaku US seems to have a better system but i can't be sure.

              My dream would be that Downvotes and upvotes act similar to what they are on Reddit. Just a gauge of what the community thinks of your comment. That the "Flag comment" function is the only way a comment can be moderated and only gets auto-moderated after a certain threshold.

              And finally, accounts which go past a certain post threshold are immune from Automoderation as a result of editing a comment. This would still take care of bots while not punishing people for correcting grammar mistakes.

              I more than appreciate the effort the editors and writers put into this site. They make some amazing content. But we have been told these things are being looked into several times with no updates or changes. The community could blossom so much more if these things were changed.

        Also, enough with the downvoting man. It's fine to disagree and you have voiced that with your reply. All downvoting does these days is push people into auto-moderation hell.

      I think it's less about promoting the piracy and more about looking at the technical achievements of the emulator itself. Emulation is hard work, and often interesting work as well. You can be against piracy but still be interested in the emulators themselves. A great example is reading through the Dolphin developer reports where they talk about the various breakthroughs they made technically or how they had finally figured out how to emulate the weirdest bug that existed inside the Wii that had been eluding them for ages

        Yeah that's definitely a reasonable way to look at things. I just think Logan providing direct links kinda crosses that fine line in this instance. I feel like if we were providing these kind of links in the comments section of Nintendo articles we'd be moderated into hell.

    The thing is, that you need a Nintendo Switch to run this and its not like most emulators where it's essentially install and play, it is quite complicated and in the end doesn't really offer much.

    Is it any wonder Nintendo are cracking down on rom sites? This game wasn't even out a month.

    Well, more articles like this is a good thing, maybe they end up finally supporting pc like Sega, because of the obvious call for it.

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