Undertale Sequel Also Has A Problem With Deleting Too Much

Undertale Sequel Also Has A Problem With Deleting Too Much

Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale and the recently released DELTATUNE, which is an anagram of Undertale, has sent out a bit of a troubling PSA. In a quirk not too dissimilar from Bethesda’s “please don’t touch the button” bug that saw Fallout 76 delete itself off users PC’s, Fox has warned people off the uninstaller that comes with DELTARUNE for now.

The problem, you might ask? The uninstaller isn’t just removing DELTARUNE files – it’s apparently deleting everything in the same directory as the DELTARUNE uninstaller.

For almost everybody, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Rather than leaving behind an .ini file and some settings, what happens here will be a little more akin to shift-deleting DELTARUNE from your hard drive.

Of course, if for some reason – and I cannot for the life of me fathom who or why anyone would do this – you happened to install DELTARUNE to a generic Games folder, and not something like Games/DELTARUNE or Program Files/DELTARUNE … then don’t uninstall the game just yet.

Running games at all would probably be a nightmare if your installs were so unorganised, but anyway. The bug could have been a lot worse, like that time when Steam somehow deleted everything on a user’s system. Or that time uninstalling Myth 2 wiped out someone’s hard drive.

And it’s not just uninstalling that has gone haywire in the past. I still remember an old web series I used to watch about FMV games; the creator apparently managed to torch their master boot record trying to play Johnny Mnemonic in DOSBox. (I’m still doubtful that’s even possible, but if you’d like to set a drive alight trying, do get in touch.)

It’s not in the same ballpark as Fallout 76 deleting itself off users’ hard drives, but it’s hard not to crack a grin after everything this week. If you do need to uninstall, you can drag the folder to the Recycle Bin and empty it that way. It’s a tiny game though: if you’re deleting DELTARUNE to save hard drive space, you probably need a new hard drive.


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