Big W Has A Cracking Sale Right Now

If you've been holding off before Christmas, but missed the Black Friday sales, never fear.

A range of cracking games are available for half price or less at Big W right now. Everything below is available direct through the Big W site, although you'll have to check each one individually if you want click and collect or delivery only.

A lot more deals can be found here for PS4 games, Switch games and Xbox One games.


    What do people think about grab tourismo sport compared to previous games?
    Also does anyone know any good ps4 deals? I wonder if boxing day will actually cut down on stand alone console price.

      GTS started out fairly limited but has steadily built through constant updates, tracks, ars, modes, etc. Single player content still not where previous games were at, but I highly recommend it.

        yeah for the price it is a solid purchase. I pick it up and play every now and then and there are great updates. But as you said, single player isn't at the stage that it should be at like previous entries. I do however love the custom workshop where you can completely customize your cars and even look at what the community has done and use their skins

    I wish you'd made the headline "Big W has a cracking sale on Console games". This was a waste of time for me since I don't have a PS4 or XB0 :(

      I mean, this is a games website and Big W don't sell PC Games so I'd have thought the Console bit went without saying?

        They do at my local BigW

          They do at mine as well.

          And kotaku also covers all sorts of other stuff, often including articles about toys for one.

          So no, it doesn't go without saying.

    Protip: Doom is on Xbox Game Pass for $1; OnRush is currently free on PS+, everything thing else looks like a good deal

      Onrush is also available on XBox Game Pass.

        Oh yeah I noticed that last night! (I paid the $1!!! - lets call it School holiday insurance!)

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