Community Review: Battlefield 5

It's been a jampacked couple of weeks, so for this week's Community Review it makes sense to cycle back to a classic stomping ground for video games: the Second World War. At least Battlefield's interpretation of it, anyway.

If you didn't pre-order or buy a digital deluxe edition to save money, Battlefield 5 finally became available on November 20. And now that everyone's had some time to digest the game itself, rather than the ongoing narrative around BF5, I'd love to know what you think.

The game certainly has had some changes since the beta - hundreds of pages, actually. It's undergoing more, with DICE airing that the time-to-kill and time-to-death times will be tweaked even further with the release of a new playlist.

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Heather found BF5 was enjoyable to play, bringing the same brand of self-seriousness to WW2 that BF1 adopted for the First World War. The campaign was interesting, although I found it was beset by its own ambition, along with some weak stealth sequences.

But I'd like to know how you've found the multiplayer and War Stories missions, as well as some of the new modes. Do you like the progression system, which is based around particular classes rather than an overall level? How have you found the customisation, the dogfighting, servers and the general performance?


    Playing it a lot with my regular group of BF guys and we're all loving it so far. It has its share of bugs and glitches like it usually does at launch and there are some balance issues eg infantry has no effective defence against planes. Also some quirks with maps eg playing Breakthrough on Aerodrome the other night, a guy was able to park a tank up on a ridge in the dark zone and just rain shells down on the map below. Because he was in the dark zone nobody could actually go up and get him, and if somebody did manage to hit him with a rocket or two he'd just pull back out of range, repair, then come back to the cliff top and do it all over again.

    But apart from that, it's a great game so far.

    Multiplayer at least - I've done a couple of the single player missions and they're not great - they feel like a really poor man's Far Cry - sneak around spotting people, then stealth kill a few until your cover gets blown, then just shoot the rest. Meh. But nobody buys these for the single player, I suppose.

      I definitely need a good single player element in order to buy in to the multiplayer side of things.

      9/10 if the single player is good, I really get into the multi.

        While I agree with that, I just don't think this is good single player. I do appreciate the fact that they actually put the effort in to make it rather than just dropping the single player completely, though.

        I struggle to think of too many games that really nail both the single and multi player side of things. They tend to be good single player (Far Cry, Wolfenstein) or multi (BF, COD). Beyond that, how many do both really well? Halo, maybe?

    Playing on PC, loving it so far.
    My first taste of battlefield, have played alot of Planetside 2 and im finding the gameplay somewhat similar.

    Takes awhile to get used to but once you start getting the hang of the maps its fun, the shooting mechanics are really solid and the progression system is keeping me interested (some of the mastery skin assignments for weapons force you into a weird role which is unfortunate)

    Squad play is there but there is really no communication, works best if your playing with freinds or atleast in a squad of people who know what they are doing.

    have only seen 2x instances of hacking, one on our team and last night one on the enemy, just changed servers no real plague or anything like that.

    Playing in Australia, player base is solid no real wait time for games.

    No real bugs or glitches that i have found so far.

    Cons - bombers are OP, some levels are a real pain with a lack of cover and random spawns (enemies seem to come from random directions all the time)

    Probably need a new cpu / gpu to get better performance.

    Basically cant wait to play more, loving it. 8/10

    I really like the game play, some of the maps are a bit rubbish though.

    The game feels like it wasn't quite ready for release but it looks like it should be quite good in the long run assuming they actually support it post launch.

    Since they have said that it wont have paid DLC it makes me worry that they wont actually release as much content as they did for previous BF games that did. It already has less maps and guns at launch than previous games.

    Overall I would say I am cautiously optimistic.

      Yeh, that's my fear too. With only 2 maps on the horizon until March and 8 at launch. It really seems like they've just been extracted from the launch package and they're not committing to more. As someone who doesn't really care too much about Battle Royale, I also worry that once that's out, it'll be the focus of their efforts.

      Love the game though. EA deserves every criticism it cops but Dice can make a good game.

      Echoes my thoughts exactly.

      I'll add that the gunplay feels much improved over BF1 too.

    Oh dear God make the bombers stop!

    Having fun. Needs a few tweaks, but otherwise I am happy. DXR looks pretty, but performance sucks too much to bother with in MP.

      Literally remove bombers.

      Either that or remove the snow maps from rotation.

      Definitely my biggest (immediate) issues with the game.

    With all the content and fixes yet to come i'll will probably have to wait till April to get a good idea of the game.

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    I haven't played too much due to a combination of life commitments and FO76, but I've enjoyed what I've played so far. Not sure what changed exactly, but it plays a hell of a lot better than the beta did, which somehow felt empty and boring by comparison, even on a full server.

    One complaint I have so far is to do with the scopes on .... pretty much everything. I find the crosshairs difficult to read and aim precisely and there is no option that I can see to customise it like there was in BF1. The only ones I like (a normal + cross) seem to be tied to only a couple of long-range scopes, and only on certain weapons. It's not a huge thing but it trips me up sometimes since I like to slap a scope on just about anything that will allow it.

    Good step forward (after 2 steps back) for the franchise. Having said that, after 35 hours of playing, I no longer feel the urge to play it again. Ever.
    Limited maps, and progression system doesn't have me excited whenever I get a new unlock or wanting to upgrade something... it's all just bleh.. same thing but baraly different.
    Skin unlocks seem like things the game should have had as default as they literally are all the same except for a slighty different colors.

    Took it back after a few days. Just wasn’t feeling it.

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