The Original Panzer Dragoon Games Are Getting Remastered

Just before the clock ran out on Panzer Dragoon‘s 20th anniversary, there’s some good news: the on-rails Sega Saturn classic is getting remastered, or “refreshed” as the official developers would like to call it.

The last we’d heard of Panzer Dragoon was earlier this year, when Panzer Dragoon Orta became backwards compatible on the Xbox One in April. It was a high quality upgrade, with much sharper textures and a perfectly pleasant presentation that’s more than enjoyable today.

Forever Entertainment SA, whose last major game was Fear Effect: Sedna, announced they will be handling the remaster of Panzer Dragoon and Panzer Dragoon 2 Zwei.

“The new version of the game will be characterised by a completely new graphics compatible with today’s standards and several modifications of the game, making it more attractive to modern players, while remaining faithful to the original in terms of story,” the developer said, adding the first “materials” would be shown off in the coming months.

I wouldn’t expect a Q1 2019 launch, then. It also means there’s a slight sliver, even microscopic, of hope that Panzer Dragoon Saga could come back to life.

But the fact that the originals are returning is welcome nonetheless. If you’re interested in the history of Panzer Dragoon, YouTuber Ludodrome has a great video covering the series and much of its development below.


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