3DS Amiibo Bundle Beats God Of War, Red Dead And Spider-Man In Amazon Sales

Amazon Australia finally came to the video game party last year, offering solid deals on Nintendo Switch bundles and various games. But as good as buying God of War for $25, Spidey for $35 or Red Dead Redemption 2 might have been, it wasn’t as enticing as … a 3DS amiibo.

Every hour, on the hour, Amazon Australia updates their list of best selling products for every category offered. And after major sales periods and the holiday season, the results make for some fun reading. In the United States, for instance, $US10 PS4 gift cards were more popular than the $US20 gift cards (which was the best selling item in video games for Amazon US in 2017).

In Australia, the top seller list was a little more normal. The #1 selling item was the Switch Neon Joy-Con bundle, understandable given that Amazon’s Black Friday price was a) a solid deal and b) there was plenty of supply.

After that, you’d expect something like God of War or Red Dead Redemption 2, or maybe even Spider-Man. Spidey and Kratos were going for a song, and they were discounted repeatedly over the course of the last couple of months.

But as it turns out, the 2nd most popular video game item on Amazon Australia was an amiibo bundle for Chibi-Lash, a puzzle platformer:

It’s hard not to be surprised. Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash is only available on the 3DS, not the Switch. It certainly didn’t get the critical acclaim or media presence that God of War, RDR 2, Spider-Man, Detroit, Pokemon! Let’s Go or the umpteen other games that are surely more popular.

I mean, hell. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is sitting there at #3. Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey are in the top 5. The Pro Controller, which had a solid deal for most of Black Friday, is just inside the top 10.

And yet Amazon Australia’s second best selling item in the video game category … is an amiibo for a 3DS game staring a robot who throws a US/Japan electrical cord around. In 2018. The same year the Switch got a new Pokemon and Smash Bros game, and is still selling plenty of titles for new Mario and Zelda releases. Unreal.

Maybe Nintendo should give Chibi-Robo a Switch sequel after all? You can check out the rest of Amazon’s list here. There’s still some good prices on games, although it’s nowhere near the bargains pre-Christmas.

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