Fallout 76 Starts Off 2019 With Glitched Nukes

It’s the beginning of a new year, the perfect time for fresh starts. And one of 2018’s more disappointing games, Fallout 76, is in dire need of one. Unfortunately, the multiplayer survival game has kicked off 2019 with another problem: players are currently locked out of its nuke silos.

Players discovered this yesterday on January 1, the day of the game’s weekly reset. Instead of silos re-opening after use, players found that the silos were locked with a new countdown timer of 9,999 hours. The scorched officer enemies who normally drop parts of the nuke codes necessary to launch the game’s nuclear weapons weren’t spawning either. Even the intel monitor in the enclave bunker was glitched, showing the words “complete” and “incomplete” superimposed over one another and hashtags in the place where letters should be.

Screenshot: Hexiz, Imgur

Fighting through heavily fortified silos to rain nukes down on different parts of the map is Fallout 76’s main end-game activity, and almost two months after release, it’s one of the only things keeping most diehard fans around, since enemies found in the nuked areas are higher level and drop legendary gear. The silos going down is basically equivalent to a raid in Destiny temporarily going offline.

Bethesda acknowledged the issue on its Bethesda Support Twitter account and announced that a hotfix would be put out sometime today to get the silos back up and running. The company didn’t provide any further details about the cause of the problem, however, and did not respond to a request from Kotaku for comment.

One popular theory circulating on the game’s forum and subreddit is that there was a programming error with the game’s timers that only showed up once the year changed over. Basically, Fallout 76’s silos were designed to survive nuclear war but not Y2K19. Whatever the cause, it’s the last thing the game needed heading into the new year.


    Fallout 76 is blah blah blah blah ble ble blah bad bad blah blah bad buggy blah.

    Picked it up for $29 from Amazon on NYE, was sceptical, the 50gb update before playing didn't help but I'm enjoying it so far! There was a nuke launched within the first hour of me playing the game on new years day so guessing its fixed now?

      As the US is some 16 odd hours behind, you may have seen a nuke before it became an issue.

        Yeah makes sense! It was offline earlier, back up now though.

    Good old Beth just keeps on giving. Not that they care, quality is not in their creed.

    Weird, I had two nuke launch on my server just 1 hour before it went offline earlier today

    I couldn't see it in the screenshot - which hashtags appeared in place of letters?

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