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  • Ive been sick since the 14th, first it was bronchitis(that im still coughing up when i wake up), then i developed a stomach bug which lead way to intense migraines as i did not eat more than 6 slices of toast over a 60 hour time frame.
    Today i found out the hard way that you can poop stomach acid.
    I say this in a way for you all you people here on kotaku au, to know the easier way.
    Ive eaten VERY spicy food before that has given me trouble upon departure….

    I do hope you all are having a better time than i today.

  • Anyone have any thoughts on the Persona 5 Royals announcement? I wonder if the changes will be similar to Persona 3 Portable (i.e. FeMC), or will they me more substantial?

  • So how many Ubisoft Club points do other people have expiring at the end of the month? The email I got said 1455 of my 2071 points would expire. I went through and claimed all the rewards in AC: Origins, which brought my total expiring points down to under 1000. I guess I’ll have to see what other games I’ve got on my pile I can tick off the rewards for.

    I do wonder what they have planned for club points in the future: I could understand wiping out peoples’ stashes if they were going to offer something more valuable to exchange them for. Or is it just a case of the accountants thinking they’ve given out too many discount vouchers on the Ubisoft Store?

      • My total is just a result of collecting them over 10 years, and the games never seeming to have as many interesting rewards as the points I could earn from playing them.

        You’ve got enough points to get a 20% discount code on the Ubisoft Store, if there’s anything there that looks interesting.

        • Yeah that’s all I’d consider, and all I’d want was Trials Rising, but I don’t want that atm until I hear they’ve changed the name of the Bali Blast mission, and it’s 20% off on the Xbox Store this week anyway, without needing to use points and would have it digitally which I’d prefer

    • I think about 6k of my 11k are expiring. Not that I particularly care, as I simply don’t use them, but I don’t recall reading anywhere when I started getting them saying that they had to be used before a certain time. Is this a recent change?

      • Yes. The email they sent out on the 21st of March saying you had 10 days to spend the points is the first notice they gave about this.

        Interestingly, the email says the rules differ if you live in Canada. Following the link, it says Canadians get to keep their points, but new points will have the same 2 year expiry as everyone else.

        • Canada has pretty strict rules about this – they just made them even tougher in Quebec. You aren’t allowed to retroactively tinker with point expiry or exchange rates to prevent shenanigans like this from happening.

    • Prob most of mine, I’ve never really spent any that I can think of so I’m in no real hurry to spend em now that they expire.

      I think it’s that we were supposed to spend em rather than hoard em for the future, that we were meant to be trying to get points to get something, not collect em until we had thousands.
      I think most of us just went to the store, grabbed all the free and owned game related stuff and then didn’t bother with the point gear which was always a little lacking.

      • If that was the intent, then the system is pretty badly designed. I usually end up getting most of the club points just by completing the game, and maybe chasing a few trophies. On the reward list, there’s usually only a few things I want: I’ll pick something that adds new game play like an extra level, but pass on costumes. I wasn’t trying to build up a hoard: I just never saw enough rewards that I thought would improve the game for me. This is even in the case in newer games where there are a lot more rewards than opportunities to earn the points to earn them.

    • I had about 300 points expiring, I don’t know about now but last week the 20% code isn’t unique I realised so I just grabbed 2 of them

  • I’m having trouble loading pages on Kotaku, I assume because of the large adds. I changed browser from internet explorer to chrome, which seemed to help for a while, but now its struggling on Chrome too (even since the side bar adds got bigger).

    Are other people having trouble too?

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