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    Good morning, how was everybody's weekend?

    I've put a solid 12ish hours into Sekiro now and it is at a solid "ok" for me. I miss a lot of the exploration of the old games, and it seems to be a lot more of Idol -> Arena -> Miniboss -> Arena -> Boss loop, which I'm less a fan of.

    Surprisingly I'm not as down on the combat, though it doesn't appear at first to offer the same opportunities for different styles of combat as the Souls games, more insisting you play its way.

      Interesting. I'm sitting on about the same playtime, 12-13 hours, but spent the last 6 hours or so over the weekend procrastinating on one boss (in Ashina Castle) by exploring - found a bunch of new areas, killed ~7 minibosses and upgraded my health twice, found 3 more prosthetic tools, a gourd seed, and another miniboss and boss who I'm clearly not meant to be fighting just yet.

      The game opened up way more than I expected at Ashina Castle, given how relatively linear Hirata and the Outskirts were, and the stealth mechanics mean you can technically go anywhere that isn't gated by a fog-wall miniboss/boss. Coming from Bloodborne, it's very strange - even heading into a later game area in Sekiro, you don't really feel underpowered (due to having one-shot stealth attacks) until you hit a boss/miniboss or you get spotted. :P

      There's a point where the world opens up a bit more which I'm guessing you haven't reached yet. It's doesn't turn the game into an exploration focused adventure or anything but it breaks out of the early games extremely linear format. The plus side is that the stealth mechanics make exploring quicker and easier than the other Souls games.

      As you get more comfortable with combat you'll begin to see the more subtle ways you can change how fights can play out using skill point allocation but ultimately it's always going to be a rapid fire combat system. Arm upgrades with a ton of skill points invested in carrying more spirits and all the good Prosthetic Arts skills will result in a character that can really hammer boss weaknesses, but it's still going to be all about stabbing and deflecting.

    Well, after six delays over 3-4 years, and 6 weeks late for it's most recently announced deadline, I got the email on Saturday that NBN is finally available at my apartment. And hearing how overloaded NBN techs have reportedly been in the past couple of months, I'm sorely tempted to leave it a month or two before I even consider organising the connection... *sigh*

      Hope it wasn't an April Fools joke... Assuming it isn't, put the order in as soon as you want to connect. Don't delay, those overloaded techs are still going to be overloaded in a month or two, so you're just putting off the delay, not avoiding it.

      There are always new exchanges coming online, so any slack they might build up from adding services in your area will be absorbed by those new ones.

        Thanks, you make very good points. Order is in, so time will tell if it's real, or NBN is celebrating the season.

    Finally picked up Division 2 and i am absolutely loving it.

    A looter shooter that is both functional and enjoyable on launch is seemingly a rare thing these days

      So much so you just want to storm in to Ubi HQ and demand to know who these imposters are.

      Started playing on Friday. The menus were a bit cluttered. Then there was a patch and it was much better.

      Really like it. :) It's not the silly escape I get out of Destiny, but yeah, it's good. Very good.

    Finished Dragon Quest builders. Now, I'm back onto Moonlighter! I couldn't play them both at the same time as they had conflicting combat systems.

    Good news!

    It won't be rolled out until the end of the week, but some changes are in the offing that will result in the comments section appearing directly under a story as opposed to being bumped down ... and down ... and down some more.

    Thank you to everyone who sent through feedback, either here, in articles, ScribbleTaku, on Twitter, email, or elsewhere.

      OMG Thank you so much! I was getting fed up with scrolling so much. I would think I was at the comments and it would load more ads.

      Thank you so much for listening, this has kept pushing me away from Kotaku and stopped me from commenting on many articles (mostly mobile) as it was extremely frustrating.

    HELLOOOOOO???? (hello, hello, hello..... *echoes*)

    IS ANYONE OUT THERE????? (out there, out there, out there... *echoes*)

    was going through my historical Kotaku posts from many years ago and remembered how when you missed a single day of TAY, you had to catch up to 7 pages of multi-layered comments and responses.... those were the days!!!

    Whats been happening??? @scree , you're the only TAY senior left!

    Last edited 03/04/19 10:07 am

      All the old guard and the old old guard, have moved to twitter.
      Due to the amount of ads, and the mobile bandwidth they eat, it's easier and cheaper to have conversations on there.
      A few people post, but my life is boring and I barely have any thing to say.

    Morning Everyone - stupid question, but does anyone know how to get the enhanced Borderlands GOTY content on PC? All articles seem to suggest it will magically materialise but I'm still stuck with the original GOTY. Cheers for any help in advance!

    Guys I can take a perfect cosplay selfie now can you please change the ad that's been up for the last 2 years.

    Sincerely, everyone.

      I've also worked out if space travel is just for rich people, so that's all good too.

      Just be glad it's not dick Smith. The entirety of Tay was bright yellow. Made it impossible to look at.

    So I read the Gizmodo media group which includes Kotaku was sold at a 20 million dollar loss. What would this mean for Kotaku AU?

      Just came here to say this and ponder.

      My guess is that Alex, Tegan et al at this stage know about as much as we do, and if they do know more they can't say anyway.

      But fingers crossed it all works out!

        I like the AU staff, I hope they do well. Some of the US bloggers could probably do with a bit of a shake up though.

      At worst, a name change. Kotaku AU is entirely separate from the GMG-run US version. It's owned by Nine and just licenses the name from GMG.

    I’ve been playing a Grip: Combat Racing on Steam lately and it reminds me so much of Extreme G 1 & 2 on the N64 20 years ago. It has that same feeling of blinding speed while driving on walls, roads, and ceilings that EG did and sports a similar array of weapons and shields. Man, I miss the old game like that. We need more vehicular combat at blistering speed titles.

      Have you downloaded either of the Rollcage games? - I was a big fan of RC2 back in the day, and it was only after backing Grip in the crowdfunding stage that I found out one of the old devs had done unofficial updates of both RC games so they could be downloaded and run on modern systems (though obviously a grey area with needing to download the full patched games instead of being able to apply as an update)

      That reminds me... I need to check out the new content update and maybe throw a few more bucks at the second garage pack.

      So many of the good modern arcade-style racing games drop the combat aspect (eg. Red-Out as a pure technical racer compared to Wipeout) unless geared as party games with slower racing models. Antigraviator is another one I keep an eye on but tended to have mixed reviews any time I checked.

        Thanks. I hadn’t heard of RC but I’ll look into them. If we aren’t careful, these old genres will die out. At least there are still sites to download these old goodies from.

          Well Grip is the spiritual successor by the old Rollcage devs (RC1&2 were on PS2 and PC produced under the Psygnosis brand I think), so at least we have crowdfunding platforms allowing old devs to revisit their concepts with modern toolsets... though it doesn't help for those one hit wonders which never got enough recognition like DethKarz

    I did not get into border lands first time I played it. I've been playing the enhanced edition and seem to be enjoying it a bit more this time round.
    But good damn do I hate claptrap.

      He grows on you eventually. Plus you get the option to play as him in The Pre-Sequel!

        Nope. I hate that annoying little shit with a passion. Hate him.

          you'll enjoy the last bit of DLC then - murder ALL the claptraps! :p

          he might not also be so bad in the Pre-Sequel... one of my major issues is less the gameplay and more that, whereas the vault hunters are anti-heroes who ultimately seem to have noble intent behond their lives as murderhobos, PS characters just seem to be garbage humans who aren't any fun to try and relate to!

            Oh that does sound good. My friend and I both hit him as we go by. He just never shuts up.

              ah so you'll have to make the difficult decision of whether to leave the other claptraps in crippled agony or rescue them with the repair kits - on one hand they will get up and start being annoying like the first one, but on the other hand you get your inventory upgrades and access to loot boxes...

                this sounds like a lose-lose situation

    Soo much nerding this weekend - any other Melbourne folks popping in to Pixel for their second anniversary party? I'll make the evening but have to skip plans to join one of the new D&D games during the daytime due to being double booked for boardgames at someone else's weekend shindig - and then I still want to squeeze time for a few more rounds to progress Fortnite's event stories (and maybe upgrade the schematic for the new steam-powered auto-cannon)... plus replaying Borderlands... and trying to unlock more in Risk of Rain 2...

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