Game Informer Australia Is Shutting Down

Game Informer Australia Is Shutting Down
One of Game Informer Australia's most recent, and now one of their last, covers in Australia.

Game Informer’s Australian magazine is shutting down, after its owner EB Games opted to close production.

It’s understood that the American version of Game Informer will be sold in Australian EB stores, with production of the local magazine closing down as part of budget cuts. The cuts are being made by EB Games, and not by EB Games’ parent company Gamestop (which posted the largest loss in their financial history earlier this month).

Game Informer Australia published 113 issues since its inaugural edition in late 2009, with Chris Stead as its launch editor. The magazine was sold through EB’s network of stores throughout Australia. The magazine was also critically successful for the last few years consecutively, with its current editor David Milner winning Best Gaming Journalist, Best Columnist, and highly recommended gongs for Best Gaming Coverage at the local IT Journalism Awards.

Other local-only initiatives included unveiling a rainbow version of the Game Informer logo, showing its support for the same-sex marriage plebiscite in Australia. The magazine also printed many outstanding features over the years, most recently including the history of Hollow Knight and an extensive investigative feature into crunch in video games.

Game Informer Australia Goes Rainbow

This morning, David Milner - Game Informer Australia's editor - announced via Twitter that the magazine's next issue would carry a rainbow logo as a show of solidarity towards LGBTQI gamers.

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Kotaku Australia has reached out to EB Games for comment, but had not heard back at the time of writing.


  • Well that just sucks.

    I like many magazines of its ilk, but overall Game Informer was the best value for money proposition of all of them. Sure the US version will still be available, but the loss of an Australian perspective (which for various reasons is quite unique in the world of English-speaking videogames) really stings.

  • I didn’t even know there was an AU edition of Game Informer.

    Still, it’s sad news for games journalism in Australia. Hopefully the staff will land on their feet.

    Actually, I’d like to see more Aussie writers/articles on Kotaku AU. There’s too much American content as it is.

    • Can’t get Aussie content without funding. Can’t get funding without whitelisting on adblockers. Can’t get whitelisting on adblockers without getting rid of obnoxiously intrusive bullshit advertising partners… but I assume that obnoxious advertising partners are the only ones that pay out.

      I do not expect there is an easy solution.

      • It’s something we’ve spoken about – the transition and merger with Nine has obviously occupied a lot of people’s time – so watch this space.

      • A friend recently told me about AdNauseum, haven’t gotten around to checking it out properly but at a glance it seemed like it could be something to use on here.

    • Sadly, the days of print magazines appear to be over. My subscription to PC Powerplay gets me an issue delivered every two months and wasn’t particularly expensive, but it’s also proven to be a pretty poor value proposition despite that, not yielding much that I can’t/don’t already get online a month or two earlier. I don’t think I’ll renew it.

      I love the smell and feel of magazines… but maybe I should invest that expenditure into a nostalgia fragrance instead.

    • I’ll agree; I’ve had terrible customer service experiences the last few times I’ve visited, and the prices seem to be the dearest going around.

    • While EB does suck, I don’t think you can really blame them in this particular case. If the magazine’s not turning a profit then there’s little reason to keep it running. Unfortunately with the internet the way it is, the days of a lot of print media are numbered.

  • It’s a shame, because GI was the largest-selling print publication for games in Australia. I hope Milner can find someone else to write for, but the options for Australian games journalists are a lot smaller now than they were when GI Australia started.

  • Fuck you arnna EB Games does not suck it all and it’s not one of the worst ever retailers out there you jackass!
    I love EB Games but aside from Game Informer magazine shutting down I never got an issue of Game Informer magazine at all.

  • ROFL..

    Claiming I stopped buying GI after seeing David Milner’s Twitter account is somehow ToO CoNtRoVeRSiaL and deemed inappropriate? DM can say whatever he wants – but fair cop if he puts people off buying his magazine?

    David Milner on Diablo Immortal’s announcement:

    “How well did the dev handle it, though! I would have jumped the stage and started kicking people.”

    Quick Twitter. David said something mean. Delete the tweet and ban him!!

  • That’s sad. 🙁
    I feel like GameInformer was just about the last Aussie gaming mag left in stores.
    Or I think Hyper still did something a few times a year? Maybe?
    At any rate, I’ve got a cupboard full of magazines that I pop out for nostalgia trips from time to time. (Still got the entire run of NMS!) There’s still nothing to beat holding a physical mag in your hands.
    Thanks for the good times, GameInformer!

  • This was the only magazine I really cared about, you can find dozens of issues strewn about my room… I never got to resubscribe though, the subscription cards EB used to sell stopped being stocked at my EB so I dropped off. Massively disappointed.

  • American Game Informer as a replacement? God… I can only hope it’s not full of articles injecting political bullshit, fear mongering, etc, into absolutely everything like a great many American games journalism outlets seem to live for.

  • Let’s be honest, GI definitely helped kill off what was left of the Australian gaming print media.
    I love physical magazines, with Hyper always being my favourite.
    But when GI was introduced I could see the writing on the wall.
    Getting a years subscription with your $30 EB membership meant most people stopped bothering to subscribe to other magazines.
    I watched Hyper atrophy (amongst others) to only quarterly issues after it arrived (not putting all the blame on it, print media wasn’t in the best place, but it certainly didn’t help)
    Also in the last few months we also lost Games™.
    Still have RetroGamer, and Edge, for now. But I do wonder for how much longer?

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