Community Review: RAGE 2

Community Review: RAGE 2

So, what’s the post-apocalyptic desert like these days?

RAGE was the kind of game I’d describe as a popcorn shooter. It’s what you play when you want to tune out. It’s a state that describes RAGE 2 well, too.

Rage 2: The Kotaku Review

Rage 2 is caught between Good Stupid and Bad Stupid. In the end, Bad Stupid wins out.

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Gita and Tim had two kind of divergent takes. Gita wanted to love it – and did in parts – but was worn done a little by the lack of variety. Tim, on the other hand, made a conscious decision ahead of time “not to hate” on RAGE 2, and he had quite a bit of fun.

So take that as you will. For my money, what your state is going into RAGE 2 probably plays a big difference. Bulletstorm was a bit similar in that you could ruin the game for yourself if you got too hung up on how obnoxious the protagonists were. Of course, at that point you’re also just actively forgiving a game for its faults.

Anyway, RAGE 2 looks like a dumb, fun shooter. I’m still busy with Total War, so I haven’t had a chance to get around to it yet. But tell me what your experience has been like! Is it the good kind of dumb shooter, or a little too dumb at points?


  • Its dumb and fun, something more games should be IMO.

    I’m actually replaying thru the original RAGE atm. Whilst some of the game hasn’t aged well, I think it got panned a little bit hard.

    • The first game was really good in parts. The only bit I thought that dragged a bit was right near the end. I thought the level design there was a bit uninspired compared to the rest of the game.

  • Played a couple of hours at a friend’s place. As has already been said by most reviewers, the shooting is fun, the open world and story feel empty. The comparisons to bulletstorm feel off the mark to me. That game had a sense of humour, it poked fun at the zeitgeist of macho first person shooters while playing with interesting combat mechanics the player was enticed to make use of. I wish I liked it better, and might have picked it up. I’ve really wanted a competent single player fps since doom 2016. This ain’t it though.

      • Ooh. I haven’t even watched the trailers for that. I remember everyone losing their shit over it last year but never saw the detail.

        “Doom sequel,” was enough for me, thanks. SOLD.

        • >”Doom sequel,” was enough for me, thanks. SOLD.
          Haha, that was pretty much my reaction too.
          Everything about the 2016 game was great. Great gameplay, great music, looked great, ran great (on PC with maxed settings still getting like 150fps while looking great, hell yeah). and pretty good story (made better by the “codex” type thing they did with little info snippets).
          Altogether makes it instant buy for me.

  • Twitter community review (it’s fun after you’ve unlocked shit and are shooting things in relatively close quarters, but otherwise it’s a boring slog of nothing getting in the way of the fun bits) convinced me to wait until it’s on one of those EB/JB 2 for $40 specials.

    • I’ve been playing it and the other aspect to consider is your tolerance for bad jokes, think something like Saints Row but even stupider and less imaginative. Some people like it, I find it insufferable 🙁

      • Oh. That’s unfortunate. Rage 1 didn’t do that… hell, even Borderlands can barely get away with it, and that’s their thing. ‘Saints Row but stupider’ sounds like the awkward kid tried to copy the cool kid’s jokes and made everyone cringe.

        • Yeah that’s just what it feels like. It’s definitely worth playing at some point for the fun shooting but I think you have the right idea in waiting for a sale.

  • It’s dumb fun. It is a bit empty however its got some great moments that you just don’t care.

    It’s also a good game to play after a few beverages. You can just roam and shoot shit, not worrying about missing plot points or key items.

    It’s a 7/10 and certainly worth picking up when it’s on special.


    And I just finished it in around 6 hours… sure the map has lots of icons to do but main story was less than 6 hours. It’s now a 6/10 at full price, a 7/10 on special for $30.

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