Mordhau, As Told By Steam Reviews

Mordhau, As Told By Steam Reviews

Games with good swordplay are rare. Multiplayer games with good swordplay are rarer still, like Excalibur of Arthurian legend. It’s no wonder, then, that Mordhau has cut through the clutter and laid siege to the Steam charts. Steam users are digging the heck out of it.

Kotaku’s Ethan Gach described Mordhau as a game that’s “slow, awkward, and bloody, but for some reason, I want to keep playing.” That squares pretty well with the majority of Steam reviewers, who love the game’s skill-based melee combat in which you can control the arc of your swings, opening up all sorts of clever strategic possibilities.

Mordhau released in a laggy, glitchy state, but many issues have already received fixes, with more on the way. Oh, and there’s versatile customisation options that somehow, miraculously, have not been paired with microtransactions or loot boxes.

Upon learning this, thousands of Steam users dropped whatever they were doing – some quitting their jobs and abandoning their families – to write reviews.


  • I really rate this game, it beats chivalry mechanically / game play wise. It still needs a few QOL changes on how friends party up and join servers but it’s a developer passion project and a few gripes have already been fixed.
    Give it a go!

  • Really enjoying this game. It isn’t anywhere near the level that War of the Roses was, but it’s close enough.

    Also killing someone with your fists while they swing a large sword around is great fun.

  • Every screenshot in this article is covered with an ad, and I can’t read the review in each screenshot until I’ve clicked on the ad. One by one 🙁

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