Optus Begins Click Frenzy With Some Cheap 200GB Phone Plans

Optus Begins Click Frenzy With Some Cheap 200GB Phone Plans
Image: Gizmodo

Click Frenzy wasn’t live at the time, but as per usual stores, retailers and companies are jumped the gun anyway, even if they’re not a part of the actual sales. Like Optus.

As we get closer to the next round of phones dropping, last year’s models tend to pop up with absurdly massive data requirements. That’s the deal that Optus are throwing around right now, offering 200GB contracts on the iPhone XS, XS Max, Galaxy S10+, Huawei P30 Pro and Pixel 3 XL.

Each of the top of the line plans have 4GB roaming data for zone 1 countries (normally billed at $10/100MB). Other bonuses range depending on what phone you’re getting: any $85/month or more plans with Samsung gets you a free Tab A8.0, whereas a free Beats Solo3 Wireless headset comes with the iPhone XS and XS Max plans. The Pixel plan will come with a Google Home Hub for free.

There’s also a $50 a month SIM-only plan available for $40/month, which comes with 80GB of data and unlimited texts and calls. There’s also Optus Sport and data-free music through Google Play and Spotify.

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