Sonic The Hedgehog Director: 'You Want Changes, It's Going To Happen'

After the design of Sonic in the upcoming live-action flick received a torrent of condemnation, the movie's director has revealed that Paramount and Sega will be taking action.

Director Jeff Fowler announced on Twitter early Friday that Paramount Studios and SEGA, the companies behind the live-action film, had finally received the message. "The message is loud and clear... you aren't happy with the design [and] you want changes," Fowler wrote. "It's going to happen."

Sonic the Hedgehog is still due for release this November, so that doesn't leave a lot of time for a redesign and a reshoot. Some fans have already suggested alternatives, including this more stylised look from Edward Pun that shortens Sonic's legs:

Another path would include ditching the pseudo-realistic fur look, and adopting something more cartoonish akin to the original character designs.

Sonic's character isn't being played by a human in a suit or a fixed physical model, so changes can be made in post. It'll certainly make the next trailer a lot more interesting. But how much workload is going to be put on the visual effects team, especially if the movie isn't being delayed?

More importantly: should they have caved at all? Sonic's design looks awful, but Sonic also isn't a movie for adults. It's a movie for kids. Should a whole team of animations pulling 12, 14, 16 hour days until November just to satisfy the wrong target market?


    I kept my comments to myself regarding the trailer, but internally I was mostly bewildered by how they could be so tone-deaf in regards to the design. I've never subscribed to the "yeah but it's aimed at kids" argument. My favourite films as a kid are still amazing today... Lion King, Hook, Ninja Turtles... Even as a kid your 'this is pretty garbage' filter isn't completely broken. I watched Street Fighter at the theatre as a 12 year old completely enamoured by SF and walked out going "oh wow... that was nothing like what I love". I will definitely watch Detective Pikachu

      I think the "it was designed for kids" argument is that all the kids I have heard of seeing the trailer thought it looked cool and wanted to see the movie.
      The people complaining about the design are those who played the games as kids and are now adults.

        I guess I don't really know what kids like, so I can't speak on their behalf haha

        Yeah, but kids are bunch of clueless morons that'll like anything; that doesn't mean you have to give them crap. Let 'em redesign him and then see if the kids say "Wow, that looks even cooler!"

    "It's a movie for kids"
    Yeah but so is How to Train your Dragon and that movie is amazingly well designed

      Never understood those excuses either.

      "But it's for kids!"

      So what, that means you get to half-ass your job?

    Sonic's character isn't being played by a human in a suit or a fixed physical model, so changes can be made in post.To a certain extent. Anything that changes the proportions, dimensions or other aspects related to how the character fits into the scene relative to everything else is limited. While you can change the CGI character in post, you can't change how everything else interacts with it. (eg. Where the eyelines are or physical touch points.)

    I disagree about it being a movie for kids. Sonic is a character that is as ubiquitous as Mario so you're not just catering to kids, you're catering to an entire span of generations who grew up with the blue blur. Besides, even if Sonic is for kids it should have absolutely no bearing on his design especially since the kids who would know who Sonic is know what he looks like. Put simpler, if Detective Pikachu can manage to do it right, Sonic should too.

    Now all they need is to get artists who have actually seen a picture of Sonic before...

      My impression is they got the same artist who did The Cat In The Hat movie to do the character, especially after seeing a human set of teeth in Sonic's mouth.

      Of course that was CGI over an actor so it made sense in that context. In this movie, it's just nonsense.

    “Now I don’t want you to worry but I won’t be able to be around much for a while because your dad needs to go live at the office for the next 7 months. Sorry champ, but I might not be able to make it to your birthday party this year. No, don’t cry kiddo, it’s ok. Your daddy is going to be helping Sonic. You like Sonic, yeah? I’m just going to spend some time with Sonic. But don’t worry, daddy still loves you.”

      Next headline: "Toxic gamer culture outrage results in massive crunch at Sonic movie studio, and why that's a good thing(?)"

        Interestingly, it raises the question about whether the people who ragged on the design (myself included) actually thought their complaining would achieve any tangible result, and whether they consider the inevitable (an unenviable) workload placed on the animators a justifiable consequence. Personally, I didn't like the design, but I don't really think changing the design will result in an increase in quality enough to warrant the headache of redoing everything. Kinda shows me up for someone who was complaining just for the sake of it.

    I don't know.

    I'm not sure Sonic's game design will translate all that well to the big screen.

    I thought the trailer looked awful... but Sonic's design was the least of it's issues.

    The real question is will they fix the merchandise? Presumably they've got deals with toy makers to launch with the show and those designs would match what's currently in the movie

    My childhood and adolescence died long ago.
    I was a Sega fan... Sonic is now the poor cousin who turns up on other systems.
    I loved Alien/Aliens... then they killed that both in computer games and films.
    Oh, I could go on.
    I have the Midas Touch, except it is brown and everything I touch (liked) turns to shit.

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      Seems like a similar excuse for not releasing the lego movie at the same date worldwide....we underestimated the age of the fan base

    Sonic The Hedgehog movie is not for adults but for kids.
    Yeah so what?
    I'm still a huge Sonic The Hedgehog fan and so you can't make me.
    Sonic The Hedgehog as a live-action Hedgehog is awful also Paramount and SEGA need to work on Dr.Eggman's body and make his body fat not thin.
    You want changes that's not going to happen for me as a Sonic The Hedgehog fan.
    Hell NO!

    If people who grew up playing Sonic games aren't the target audience, then why make a Sonic movie? What's the point of using existing source material if you're just going to piss all over it?

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