What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
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Long-haul flights are occasionally great for sleeping, or watching TV. But really, they’re best for playing the Switch.

I’ll be flying out to Taipei tonight for Computex, where I’ll be touching base with all the new laptops, CPUs, peripherals, mice, keyboards, and concept tech that gets shown off in Taiwan every year.

AMD, Nvidia and Intel all have large launches planned, so it’ll be fun to relay all of that news back to you as it happens. I’m hoping to do some more tours of the show floor as well, so if there’s something you want me to see that doesn’t usually get covered, let me know in the comments!

Beyond that, I’ll be knocking out as much work as possible. I’ve got Cricket Captain still on the phone–I’ve just won all the domestic leagues, so it’s time to cock up the Australian squad for a few years–and Mario Odyssey to wrap up, which I was gifted for Christmas. (Mark got the review copy when it originally arrived, so I never got a chance to play Odyssey until recently.)

What are you playing this weekend?


  • I’m too am taking a long haul flight tonight. I’ll be travelling from Canberra to Sydney, all 50ish minutes of it. While there I’ll be attending Vivid and various drinking establishments until lockouts occur then will be travelling to Newtown to continue drinking.
    While not drinking or looking at pretty lights, I’ll be sleeping and recovering from hangovers. Just now, I realised I forgot to pack my Switch, but I do have a laptop and a 200GB data plan on my phone so might download something from my Steam library to entertain myself.

  • Gonna get stuck into both Observation and Druidstone.

    Also bought A Plague Tale so that is next on the list.

  • No gaming for last 2 weeks but back tonight, will try to knock over Spider – man…. Spider-man… does whatever a spider can.

  • Satisfactory. Bought on a whim on Sunday. Played 18 hours by Tuesday night. Totally worth it. Can’t wait to finish work to hook back into it!!

  • Playing Spider-man PS4 again. Have the DLC so need to knock over chapters 2 and 3. When I’m not swinging around Insomniac’s NYC I’ll be hauling stuff all over the western coast of the USA in American Truck Sim.

  • Last practice sessions for our Kill Team commander campaign. Then some Vermintide 2, Hunt Showdown and maybe Tarkov.

  • Decided to go back for another playthrough of Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire to finish the final DLC and more importantly try the new turn-based combat system. I love it!!! I’ve always preferred turn based to real-time w/pause and they done a great job of implementing in a game that wasn’t designed for it.

  • Far Cry 5. My test game to playthrough on my new laptop, 9750H/2060. Complete 61%, almost all of John’s and Faith’s regions, just started Jacob’s. Enjoying it like I do all Ubisoft type games. It’s been an experiment in keeping my thermals under check… I finally got my CPU down to around 70-80 degrees C, but that has required medium settings, fps capped at 60, and fans on max.

    New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe. Not enjoying it as much as many other Mario games. Not sure why. Is this more difficult than many others? Collecting the hidden coins seems to be more frustrating than rewarding (but I might be still recovering from the collectithon of Yoshi’s Crafted World).

    RDR2. Just getting back to it after a start six months ago. I’m in a better mood to play this now, I appreciate the slow steady gameplay and the setting and story is such a pleasure to watch for a game. Perfect game to lose some of my days to.

  • PS4 – Division 2(one or two missions)
    PC – Fallout 4 (no Anime mod) and will try to finish quest mods that been in my list for ages.

  • Jumping back on the VR train. The demo for Everybody’s Golf was awesome so I’ll pick that up. Haven’t done trackmania in VR Yet so I’ll chuck that on too.

  • Been playing a bunch of King of Fighters ’99 and Real Bout 2 this week, so more of that.

    Li Xiangfei > Chun Li

  • Probably a lot of Division 2 – I recently discovered that there’s a lot more to WT4 than the control points, so been spending a bit more time with it. I hit WT5 a couple of nights ago, so I’m now starting to look at the sets and exotics that might be worth chasing, and working towards a proper build.

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