This New Sega Game Sure Looks Like ActRaiser

This New Sega Game Sure Looks Like ActRaiser

SolSeraph, coming July 11 to PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One, is a combination of side-scrolling platformer and overhead strategy in which the player is a divine being tasked with rebuilding civilisation while protecting humanity from demons and monsters. In other words, it’s a dead ringer for the Super Nintendo classic ActRaiser.

Developed by Quintet and published by Enix in 1990, ActRaiser for the Super Nintendo was exactly what I just said SolSeraph is, a mash-up of platformer and city-building simulation with divine themes. Enix followed it up with ActRaiser 2 in 1993, but stripped it of all the simulation parts, thus defeating the whole purpose. The series has been dead since then.

SolSeraph, developed by Ace Team of Rock of Ages and Zeno Clash fame, is obviously a spiritual successor to ActRaiser. It’s got the same themes, similar gameplay, and the name is even the exact same number of letters with an inner cap in the same place. It’s even got music from Yuzo Koshiro, the composer behind ActRaiser’s amazing soundtrack.

Will SolSeraph be the sequel ActRaiser fans deserve? We won’t have to wait long to find out.


  • super excitement!
    added to wishlist… though I wonder if this will still involve arson-based urbanisation :3

  • I loved ActRaiser back in the day. Playing it through many, many times. Hope this is at least as good.

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