What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I've got a mate's 30th birthday this weekend, and as it turns out, he's a bit of a fan of getting trashed and playing Smash. And when it's your 30th, you decide what everyone plays.

I'm a bit out of practice with Peach, but hopefully some well-timed slaps with Donkey Kong will ensure I don't get knocked around too badly. Beyond that, people are lining up a few board games to knock out over the weekend — Evolution: Climate and Battlestar Galactica are going to get a whirl, and there'll probably be some Azul, maybe Dixit, and a few other things that support five to seven people.

What are you looking forward to playing this weekend? Did E3 inspire you to play something you, or finish off an old game before a sequel launches?


    Warframe, finally got a Kavat and some new frames to level.
    I started Horizon Zero Dawn again, I had extreme open world fatigue when I first started so I never got that far through and I'm in a much better space to enjoy it this time around.
    Might fire up the Sonic game from PS+ and give that a whirl.
    Really need to keep going in Seikiro, stupid lady butterfly, so close.

    110 hours into Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and still loving it.

    Still grinding on Dungeon Travelers 2 endgame. Those gods are pains in the arse though. You need a seriously optimised and high-leveled party for those suckers.

    My daughter wants to play Detroit Become Human so I'll probably do that.

    And Journey!

    Gonna give Dauntless a shot this weekend, if I don't enjoy it I'll probably start CrossCode.

    I'm heading into the final stretch of Sekiro, so will hopefully be able to finish that off.

    Gameplay wise it's my favourite FROM game yet

    Continuing Days Gone, playing DayZ with my partner and hopeful steering her to play Divinity 2 co-op

    Hopefully finish Days Gone, and probably a lot of Destiny.

    Borderlands 2. Finally.

    Borderlands 3 looks legitimately amazing.

    I'm going to continue playing SEGA and Sumo Digital's Team Sonic Racing before I pick up Activision and Beenox's Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled that's coming out on Nintendo Switch Xbox One and PS4 next week.
    I should also remind you people GoNintendo's rumour to have Spyro included in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled was absolutely true and this time he will be an unlockable character as part of the Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Grand Prix starting on July 3 as told by Thomas Wilson creative director and co-studio head at Beenox HQ in Quebec City, Canada.
    I recommend you look up the report on Activision.com and click on the report under the Activision Games Blog.
    I'm picking up Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled on Nintendo Switch next week before the big CTR Nitro-Fueled Grand Prix event starts next month and I recommend you do the same people pick up Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled next week so you don't miss out on the big CTR Nitro-Fueled Grand Prix next month.

    Picked up Astro Bot on sale for the PSVR. So much fun & an impressive VR experience. Only up to world 2, so will try to finish this weekend. Loving the boss battles.

    Probably cities skylines, diablo 3 and cadence of hyrule.

    Board games day saturday though. Star Realms will feature heavily

    Just got to Gold (I know I’m still bad) on league of legends so I’m going to take a break from online games for now. Rage 2 on ps4 with a bit of switch mixed in sounds nice. I’ve got so many unfinished games on that machine that I legitimately don’t know what to play. Octopath, xenoblade, world ends with you, dragons dogma or final fantasy 12. I have to finish at least 2 before I get marvel ultimate alliance 3 and astral chain. Thankfully all my exams for school are done so the grind can commence.

    Moving on to wrapping up Spiderman PS4 which I had ~80% complete after release, after playing Jak and Daxter HD earlier this week.

    Just starting The Witness.

    Continuing gradual playthrough of New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. Just beat Bowser last night, now getting the final secret stages before doing New Super Luigi U... I've heard it's hard.

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