You Should Absolutely Grab Horizon: Zero Dawn For $17

You Should Absolutely Grab Horizon: Zero Dawn For $17
Image: Kotaku

Easily one of the best deals of the year, Big W are selling the complete edition of Horizon Zero Dawn — so that’s the DLC as well — for a measly $17.

I can’t really say how much of a good deal that is. It’s available online here and in-store while stocks last, and it’s the best price on the full package (with the Frozen Wilds expansion, not just the base game) that I’ve seen.

If you want a little more convincing on the merits of Horizon, we’ve got you covered. The base game alone is excellent (I’ve been replaying it recently), and it’s one of the best showcases for HDR on the PS4 Pro. But the snow-covered caps of Frozen Wilds is a banger of an expansion too, and you can read our review on that below.

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  • Honestly one of my favourite games of all time. It resonated with me so much that I got a Half sleeve tattoo of Aloy and a Watcher on my arm

    • Oh also, delivery was $3.90. I dunno if that was a universal price or it changes based on your location but that’s also pretty good.

  • Good price, however it is also on sale on the PSN Store at the moment for just $24.95

    If you’re getting it delivered, that’s just $4 more AND you don’t have to wait for it.. Plus, I just love having games on the hard drive..

    • It’s also the kind of game that IF you get into it, you’ll be playing it for months, so its a good choice for a hard drive install.

  • Was expecting the standard release then saw it was the Complete edition. Just bought 2 copies for my brother & I. Thanks for the heads up.

  • I’ve got the base game (bought it day 1), so I just need the Frozen Wilds expansion to go on sale… That or I sell the base game (probably not worth much now if the complete edition is <$20) and buy the complete edition.

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