Here’s The Cheapest Cyberpunk 2077 Pre-Order So Far

Here’s The Cheapest Cyberpunk 2077 Pre-Order So Far
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Firstly: don’t pre-order video games. But if you’ve decided that Cyberpunk 2077 will be the exception to the rule, then the least we can do is find you the best price possible.

Right now, that price is $70.99 over at Amazon Australia. You’re getting a physical copy of the game, which will come with a code for GOG Galaxy instead of Steam, and shipping is free (unless CP2077 drops below $49 for whatever reason).

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The Amazon deal is almost $20 cheaper than what you’ll pay at Steam, Epic Games or GOG, although it’s worth noting that the $89.95 price on GOG ensures that CD Projekt RED gets the entirety of proceedings. But if you’re penny pinching, and want the lowest sale price that Amazon will charge (because you’ll only get charged the reduced price when the game ships, not beforehand), then this is probably the best option.

For more details, head over to Amazon.


  • Wait, you mean to say that I can actually choose where to buy a game and this may actually mean I get a better deal? That’s kinda scary man. I’d much rather just be locked into one exclusive option and be forced to pay whatever they’re charging.

    Tongue removed from cheek. it’s interesting to note that there’s a code included in the Amazon deal. I wonder if they have some sort of key reseller deal going?

    • bbbbbut locking in exclusivity deals is fixing the market!

      Thats what timmy sween says and he would never lie!

    • I think it was the same deal with Witcher 3 (at least when I got the GOTY anyway). Of all the options, Steam had the worst price and every other option was a GoG key… so after much soul searching I decided I cared less about having it in my Steam library than I did about saving $10.

  • Pretty sure it’s ok to preorder this one since it was blessed by his greatness, The One, Wild Stallion, Prince of Pennsylvania, Baba Yaga of Puppies, Lord of the Lake House, Rider of the Arch, Jumper of Buses, Agent Utah of the Surf, the immortal Keanu Reeves.

  • So, “don’t pre-order games because it’s ruining the industry but please pre-order through one of our links so we can get an affiliate cut”?

    • Or order through GOG and send 100 percent of the proceeds to the developer. You’re getting a GOG key either way. But if you are going to pre-order (and it’s not ruining the industry – the industry loves it, but it doesn’t help gamers a great deal) then this is the cheapest offer right now.

    • He literally starts the story with “don’t pre-order video games” It’s not exactly the best sales tactic to tell you NOT to buy something.

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