Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Raised Over $4 Million Dollars In One Week, Setting A New Record

Photo: Summer Games Done Quick, Twitter

Summer Games Done Quick 2019 has been a huge success and yesterday it was announced that the event had raised $US3,003,889 ($4,271,791) for the charity Doctors Without Borders. This easily beat last year’s total of $US2.1 ($3) million and is a new record for the popular SGDQ event.

The week-long event showcases a variety of speedruns of different games, all streamed across the internet. Fans can donate money to get certain games played or interact in other ways with the streamers, like to name characters or save games.

SGDQ 2019 received over 50k individual donations over the week, with the average donation hovering around $85.

If you missed any of the speedruns, you can catch up on the official Games Done Quick YouTube channel, where streams are still being uploaded so fans can watch later on.

The next Games Done Quick event will support Able Gamers charity and will take place in September at TwitchCon.

Another GDQ event will happen after that in January 2020.


    This easily beat last year’s total of $US2.1 ($3) million and is a new record for the popular SGDQ event. Way to understate it. It's a record for GDQ in total with the previous overall record being $US2.45 million.

    The hype was super real and it was insane watching that tracker just constantly go up. Gotta feel for Puwexil though as the ending of his run was overshadowed by the climb from 2.9 mil to 3 mil.

    The best part is catching up on the runs I missed because I was asleep or otherwise not around to watch them live.

    I like to think of it as SGDQ Week 2.

    I only recently discovered GDQ what really initially got my interest was the combo randomizer of Super Metroid and zelda lttp. This was the first time i set my alarm and got up for the viewing of that and Chrono Trigger 100%. This event really needs alot more publicity. What i saw was a bunch of people having loads of fun and laughs while raising for charity, and the crowd was pumped. As someone who doesn't usually watch anything, i cant wait for the next one.

    I love the weird moments of runner/studio audience/donator interaction these shows always have. The Pokemon Let's Go Eevee run was particularly good for them.

    Audience chanting: "Pat the Eevee!"
    Runner, Jokingly: "If someone dontates $500, I'll stop and pat the Eevee"
    *Minutes Later*
    Announcer: "We have a $500 donation with the message "Pat the Eevee!"... and another $500 donation with the message "Pat that Eevee!" ...and another, etc. repeat 6 times.
    *Runner stops and pats the Eevee.*
    then another three times an hour or so later.

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