E. Honda, Poison, And Final Fight’s Lucia Are Coming To Street Fighter V

E. Honda, Poison, And Final Fight’s Lucia Are Coming To Street Fighter V
Screenshot: Capcom

A video uploaded to the Street Fighter V Steam page revealed that E. Honda, Poison, and Lucia are the three new characters that will be added to the PlayStation 4 and PC game. The trailer, went live prematurely in advance of this weekend’s Evo tournament, was taken down from the Steam page almost immediately.

Street Fighter V has steadily received additional characters since its launch in 2016, but competitors have been waiting for new fighters to join the game since the devilish Kage launched in late 2018. After the accidental leak, Capcom officially published the new trailer, which you can see below:

Sumo wrestler E. Honda is the last of the classic eight Street Fighter II world warriors to debut in Street Fighter V, and will arrive alongside two characters that made their debut in the side-scrolling beat-em-up Final Fight series: fan favourite Poison, an enemy from the first game, and deep cut Lucia, one of the playable characters in the Super Nintendo game Final Fight 3.

These new characters will be available in Street Fighter V this coming Monday, which just so happens to coincide with the Evo 2019 finals.


    • It’s cool but too little too late. There’s probably separate charges to see his stage at day, his stage at night, to hear his music and to get any additional costumes whatsoever.

      Oh and of course there’s a charge to play him and it’s impossible to generate enough credits in game to do so, you HAVE to pay with real money.

      MK11 is really awesome though. Have you tried it? Still some annoying things like the krypt, but the fun factor is totally there.

      • Yeah, I was a massive SFIV fan. Had multiple Hori and MadCatz sticks… bought it on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The whole enchilada.

        Then SF5 released, buggy as hell, with none of my favourite characters. I bought it on PS4 but regretted it massively.

        I do agree… it’s too little too late. It’s frustrating to see my favourite character only added now (and one of the original world warriors, so it’s not like it was too much to ask for).

        MK11 does look cool – but 6 months back I decided to take a stand against anything with any kind of MTX (unless it’s free, like Apex Legends). I remember MK11 had some pretty shifty sounding mechanics in it at launch – I figured they’d do the usual thing where they slot in a bunch of MTX after reviews were done and dusted?

        • Mike Fahey posted a really detailed article on how the backlash over MK11’s so-called ‘microtransactions’ was unwarranted – it’s worth a read if that was your main turn-off.


          I mean, the grind… yeah, the grind is definitely there. But I’ve just enjoyed playing the game and unlocking things organically. I’ve been playing since launch and they haven’t slotted in any microtransactions along the way.

          • Have you tried the Krypt? WTF??? I’m enjoying the game right? Probably at about 40-50hrs now? And I just want to unlock some more fatalities. Well I’ve wandered around the Krypt for a couple of hrs. There are no more chests. I have over a million coins (koins?) and nothing to spend them on. There’s quite a few locked areas, I can’t see how to unlock them and I’d sure as hell rather be actually playing a fighting game than wasting my time doing this shit.

          • Yeah, I actually found the Krypt kind of fun, but I’ll admit I used a guide so I wasn’t wandering blind for too long. You do have to do some pretty tedious grinding to gain key items to get access to all the areas, and I probably never would have figured that stuff out myself.

            Also, you don’t need to physically unlock Fatalities in the Krypt – you can use them if you know the combinations, and apparently after you use them they’ll be unlocked permanently for you. Not the same for Brutalities, unfortunately, but you can pick up a lot of Brutalities in the Towers of Time.

        • Same. I had 1 madcatz and 2 qanbas. Played every day for almost 2 years. I have never loved a game that hard. Bought SF5 for PC and PS4 on release. What a mistake.

          Every now and then I boot it up again but I just can’t find the fun. MK11 is totally solid man. Pick it up on disc for around $50 on special and just give it a go. If you don’t like it, you’ll be able to ebay the game off for an easy $30.

          I really like it though. Many mis-steps but MTX isn’t one that I can see. I don’t have much time for that stuff though so apart from exploring the Krypt I generally just actually fight. My biggest criticism is that the challenges are just brutally, brutally hard. It feels very unfair at times. Most times. All the time once you get to a certain level.

          But it’s good man. It really is.

          • Ok sold. I’ll check it out. Thanks guys (@voxgecko too)

            Honestly, it sounds like they -were- going to add MTX, then realised just how big the backlash would be and quickly shelved it. It all looks super suspicious… ie “Koins are easy to come by, but mostly useless. Why don’t you buy some UltraKoins for just a few dollars and unlock what you need? Cheaper to buy UltraKoins in bulk by the way *nudge, nudge*”

            Honestly, I’m kinda shocked this didn’t end up happening.

  • Gotta like that remake of the classic Honda stage… Other then that… meh
    Poison looking like a 40 year old mother of 5 at this point

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