Watch Nintendo’s Latest Indie Direct Here

Watch Nintendo’s Latest Indie Direct Here
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Nintendo’s about to unleash a 20-minute information dump on some of the upcoming indie games coming to the Switch. We’re expecting to hear some news about release dates for Creature in the Well and Superhot so it’s shaping up to be a worthwhile watch.

Nintendo’s Indie Direct will premiere globally on YouTube on 19 August, with Australians having the relatively acceptable times of 2300 AEDT and 2100 AWDT while our Kiwi mates will have to stay up to 0100 NZST (RIP).

People have started to speculate about some of the games being announced on the Switch, including ones we already know about but are yet to know when they’re coming to the platform. Industry analyst Daniel Admad speculated on Tiwtter titles like Creature in the Well, Blasphemous, Northgard, Trine 4, One Finger Death Punch 2 and Skellboy will get set release dates.

It’s also speculated we’ll hear a little more about when Superhot is heading to Switch.

Nintendo Reveals The 10 Current Best-Selling Indie Games On Switch

Indie games make up a crucial and vibrant part of the Switch’s great library of games, as evidenced by yesterday’s Nindies showcase. At the Game Developers Conference event this morning, Nintendo shared which indie games have sold best on Switch up until now. While many of them are familiar faces, like Stardew Valley, a few new games have crept onto the list, including Overcooked 2.

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