Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me Comanche Existed

Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me Comanche Existed

When I hear the word Comanche, my mind immediately thinks of another airborne platform of destruction: the Hind.

Hind was one of those helicopter sims from the ’90s, and one of the rare games that featured a co-op mode. My brother was a huge war buff as a kid, and we enjoyed playing a lot of these games together or side-by-side, so he got two CDs of the game just so we could play together.

Comanche, which launches in early access next year and is being published by THQ Nordic, is a bit of a modern retake. Rather than featuring helicopters, its a drone-based multiplayer battler, and the way the gameplay trailer pans out makes the whole thing look a bit more like an open-air take on Descent.

My brother, who is fortunate enough to live in the United States where player bases are never really a problem, would be hugely into this. There’s a ton of good games that could be based around drones. Hell, I’m still waiting for the drone remake of Slipstream 5000. But until then, this will do nicely.


  • God, I miss trying to figure out all the super detailed Microprose simulators where it was a fucking triumph if you managed to figure out how to take-off, let alone land.

    Childhood was amazing.

    • Old flatmate of mine was heavily into the Janes sims in the late 90’s. Those things were beasts of detail.

      • Oh yeah! I never ended up playing one of those, but I remember the reviews for them in the gaming magazines, and seeing their ads. I can still picture that simple box+text logo.

        • Should try DCS world, clickable cockpits and fully realistic modelled aircraft like the f/a 18. Just learning to start them is challenging and rewarding.

  • This article brought so many good childhood/teenage memories! Comanche, Decent, Slipstream 5000, all those sweet CPU accelerated 3D games lol

  • Watch the trailer again – that’s Comanche Helicopters PLUS drones.
    That’s the best of both worlds – Not a ‘rather’ to be seen. —

  • “My brother, who is unfortunate enough to live in the United States”

    Fixed that for you. I certainly wouldn’t say easy access to player bases in video games is worth living in one of the dumbest, most violent third world countries on the planet.

    Anyway, does anyone else remember Gunmetal? Screw this multiplayer crap, give me something with a single player campaign which can be played in co-op like Gunmetal!

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